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So....I saw Tool last night...........

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by DbNBassist, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. DbNBassist


    Aug 12, 2006
    ........ AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! i have been to quite a few gigs/seen alot of bands in my time and i have to say THIS was the best.

    What can i say

    Adam is the most relaxed yet stunning guitarist i have seen.

    Dan is so powerful yet so effortless

    Maynard, that man is a GOD to say the very least.

    And Justin, what can i say?

    I think Adam and Justin both have absolutely incredible tone, it amazing to see how many parts i first thought were played on guitar are played on bass.

    Didnt think much of support, i liked Mastodon on record, but not live.

    but it was such an incredible night, anyone else seen them live? and what did you think?
  2. VanillaO

    VanillaO Poop?

    Oct 14, 2006
    Toronto, Canada
    I saw Mastodon open for Maiden last year... they were pretty solid. Tool songs start to sound teh same to me after like 20 minutes... I don't mind them, just not in large doses.. What about the actual shoooow though. Visuals, pyros, anything? I'm glad they sound good live, but I heard that singerboy just stood in teh abck corner of the stage facing away form the audience when my drummer saw them.
  3. trog


    Nov 8, 2003
    I was gonna go and see them in the SECC in Glasgow on the 25th, but had transport troubles. Now I'm ever so slightly peeved :)
  4. nad

    nad 60 Cycle Humdinger Commercial User

    Sep 22, 2005
    Not Mars
    The Overlord of Nordstrand Pickups
    Maynard did that because he was tired of the "one man band" attitude he was receiving from the audience, a lot of people thought it was some cocky display apparently though, which I really don't understand (mostly because of the fact that it makes absolutely no sense). Either way the dude still talked to the crowd a lot, just didn't want to be the center of attention I suppose.

    Anyhow I've seen Tool many times over the past 12 years. Absolutely stunning every single time. :)
  5. Saw Tool last week in Dublin.
    They had frickin' laserbeams!
    What more do you want?!
  6. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    And what about the sharks, huh, HUH?
  7. Kosko


    Dec 12, 2005
    Yeah, Maynard did that too when I saw them. Awesome concert, still, it would've been nice if he faced the crowd.
  8. I saw Tool before summer holiday.
    That was my first ever major concert, and im very lucky it was a Tool concert. Maynard wore some slightly too low and slightly too tight jeans with a mohawk hidden under a cowboy hat. Adam is dead ugly, no offence, but he's the most mellow guitar player i've ever seen. Danny is just plain god on drums. Now Justin. Justin is my hero. It was so cool, during the song Lateralus I pointed at him, AND HE GAVE ME THUMBS UP (yes, im sure he gave ME thumbs up, cos he looked me in the eyes, it must've been me, coz i stood against the stage:D)
    Anyway, Justin is so mofo charismatic on that stage, he's got incredible stage presence (this is also because maynard isn't 'front'man).
    It was the greatest concert ever AND they're coming back to the netherlands this summer :D.

    ...though it's kinda weird that the concert was never mentioned on www.toolband.com
  9. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    Damn, I was in Dublin last week. What day was it? I got in Thursday morning and left Sunday afternoon.
  10. bassjamn


    Jan 4, 2002
    San Francisco
    These guys tour like maniacs, saw them in September.
    my friend is a tool fanatic, he flew to 4 different shows this summer. LA, Seattle, oakland ..and somewhere in between.
    I'll prob check em out again. I hear they will tour the US once more after Europe
  11. Dash Rantic

    Dash Rantic

    Nov 12, 2005
    Palo Alto, CA
    I saw them in October, an excellent show. I guess Maynard was a sick (a couple shows just before the one I went to had been cancelled for this reason), but he still rocked the place. Great singer. He didn't hide behind any curtains or turn away from the audience at all, but he did stand in the back with the drummer.

    It was really awesome being able to see Justin play, he's one of my favorite bassists of all time... Good stuff. Danny and Adam also did great.

  12. It was Wedneday night so you needn't feel too bad.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in our cold, wet city.

  13. Not this time :bawl:

    Said they'd be back in the summer though so maybe.........

    Maynard was rockin out too, Didn't hide.
    They were all lined up side by side, each with a big video screen behind each one of them.
    I thought it was a great stage setup.

    :bassist: :bassist: :bassist: :bassist:
  14. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    Actually, I was born there, I love Dublin. I go back every so often, because all my relatives save my parents and sister are still over there.

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