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So...I Went on a Search for a SMALL Bass Amp and...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by R Briere, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. jnewmark

    jnewmark Just wanna play the groove. Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    Stax 1966
    Third St. Cigar Records staff musician.
    It is true that some digital SLR cameras have a " manual " mode, but then you are spending $1000+ for a camera, and using about 10% of it's features. Not only that, but very few ( AFAIK ) accept the older lenses, which means spending more $ for a lens. The old Nikon Fm, Fe cameras were simple and great , easy to use cameras, along with the Nikkor lenses that were incdredible. My 55mm, F2.8 Macro lens is still taking sharp pics, 30 years later. Anyways, I'll probably buy a digital SLR one of these days.
  2. I'm really quite taken with the tone of my warwick BC-20 @ $129... Ported cab, 8" speaker plus soft dome tweeter, balance astounds me. Some very clean and full 20W of practice power, 3 useful tone controls, aux in and headphone out. Very sweet and warm sound, loud enough for a small room rehearsal, jam or gig with acoustics no problem. Records very well, and is dead silent (noise wise) both through headphones and speakers.
    Really love it.
  3. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2006
    I guess you did not understand my point. Oh, well.

    Anyways, this thread is not about photography or cameras, it is about how less is more.
  4. Ampeg B-50R (out of production). Solid state. 50w into 112. Dirt simple, dirt cheap, doesn't sound like a practice amp.
  5. R Briere

    R Briere Bass-ically Yours

    I Continue to be Honored and Amazed by the Countless Number of Wonderful Contributions Made to This Thread. I Suspect that MANY are Benefiting from the Advice.......Keep it Coming! :)
  6. kellyrojo


    Feb 16, 2011
    South Carolina
    This thread is interesting and has me thinkin....hmmmmmm!
  7. xk49w


    Apr 13, 2008
    The M-c capitalize-word thing is hurting my brain.:crying:
  8. R Briere

    R Briere Bass-ically Yours

    Keelyrojo......Thinkin' is what it's ALL About. We're ALL in this Thing Together. :)
  9. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    Down scale... Hmmm. In a stable of fearful and other customs, recently a used GK MB 112 combo came to roost, since then it's done a couple of gig's... Heck of an amp for low dough. Ultimately it won't replace my custom small rig... Given the investment level, that is no surprise to me. What was a surprise was how close it got.. For about a third the cost... I could gig with the little GK combo easily, given the rest of the stable, it will inhabit a rehearsal space and make some carries easier yet.
  10. 3rding the option to check out Carvin's MB series combos.
  11. asad137


    Jan 18, 2007
    I understood your point, I just think it's dumb.

    New cameras have features that you can choose to use if you want to, or choose not to if you don't want to.

    New amps have features that you can choose to use if you want to, or choose not to if you don't want to.

    If there's an amp out there that ticks all the right checkboxes but also happens to have a built-in effects processor or some other feature that you wouldn't use...who cares? Just buy it and don't use that feature.
  12. R Briere

    R Briere Bass-ically Yours

    RB puts an arm around asad's shoulder and says politely....Who Cares??? I do. When You Buy products filled with Crap it sends messages to two areas; Kids AND Manufacturers.

    Kids feel that you should be using all that junk and they begin playing in bands where the bass sounds like crap and you can't distinguish one note from another.....because the bass player is using 27 effects and the coolest instrument in the band disappears and becomes just as weird as the guitar player....who Also has 172 effects in use at any given time.

    Manufacturers save money at every possible corner....so if they start selling LOTS of these amps we get a weaker cabinet, a lousy speaker, etc.

    Purity is a beautiful thing. Learning to achieve a glorious bass tone as one first figures out what a Bass is Trumps playing badly.... but covering it up in a Tsunami of effects sends the wrong message..IMHO. Do those amps have their place?? Most Certainly.....I just haven't found it yet. :)
  13. GlennW


    Sep 6, 2006
  14. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2006
    There is a lot to be said for simplicity. :cool:
  15. PrairieDogma


    Jul 11, 2012
    Hamilton, ON
    I went on this search a long time ago. It probably took me a couple of years of legwork (not smart enough to use the interweb back then), but my solution was the Tubeworks RT-3100. At 36 lbs, heavy by today's standard. But with a warm, clean 100 watts and a single 10" speaker that will handle a low B, I still love it and use it for acoustical play (which until lately is mostly what I do). If you see one used (long since out of production), snatch it up. It probably won't be mine, though.

    Here's a photo found on line. Mine's in yellow tweed tolex, so is obviously much more handsome. :smug:

    PS. It won't fit under a chair, but with the controls in front and being a decent depth, it is the perfect height to be the chair, and has been for many a practice or jam.
  16. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    I've been using almost the exact same rig. 1x10 PA cab for acoustic gigs, 2x10 for electric jazz gigs, two 2x10's stacked in a column for rock gigs. It's a really versatile setup.

    There were two versions of the Minx. With and without active EQ. The active ones are miles better than the passive EQ version. They're usually a good value if you can find one, but a bit limited by today's standards with no xlr out or extension speaker out.
  17. MakoMan


    Oct 17, 2011
    Ottawa, Canada
  18. How long have you been using this for your bass? I suppose for what these cost, if your bass blew it up, it would not be the end of the world.

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