so I'm borderline retarded: Newbie Head/Cab questions!

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  1. I'm about to close the deal on an Eden WT-400 and an Eden 4x10 cab. But I'm stupid and dumb and ugly to boot, so I really know NOTHING about amps.

    How much hookup are we looking at? There's nothing special I've got in the setup, simply bass, amp, and cab. What wires will I need?

    The cab is an 8 ohm model. I assume the 400 watts is at 4 ohm. *silence* I'm in the dark here, guys. I've tried to learn the impedence stuff before, my brain is just too small for it. If it lowers the power, as I think it does, how much power would be lost?

    Any other ideas, tips, or "Hey stupid! You're pretty stupid!" comments are welcomed. Thanks a bunch!
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    Dude, ain't nobody stupid here! Stupid people don't ask questions, you did, so there!!
    All you're gonna need is to connect a speaker cable from the cab to the head-That's it! I believe the WT-400 has 1/4", so just get the shortest lenght possible of a good quality speaker cable (not instrument) DONE! Now play your bass!

    Your 8-ohm cabinet will be powered by 200 watts of your WT-400, if you added another 8-ohm cab, you would draw the full 400 watts RMS from the Traveler.
    Don't worry about a thing except the neighbors telling you tgo turn it down-
    BTW-refer all future ??'s to Munji-
    He'll love it!!:D
  3. Wow, I understand now! Sweet! Thanks a bunch, Larry!
  4. The only thing stupid about this thread is that you used stupid about a hundred stupid times :) :D