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So Little Time, So Many Drummers

Discussion in 'Bass Humor [DB]' started by The Jazz Lawyer, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. I always got a kick out of this tag Ed Fuqua used to sign his posts with but I couldn't agree more! How will we ever tame all of the animal drummers in the world?

    I had a drummer come by to audition for my straight ahead jazz sextet. First, he didn't read music. Then he asked me to turn up my bass amp. Next, after playing Tenor Madness at break-neck speed, he wanted to play something "up tempo". Later, he asked if I had any duct tape to dampen the overtones on my Zildjian K Constanople ride cymbal that I paid $300 dollars for just so I could get the same classic vintage sound that so many jazz drummers (good ones that is) play.

    Finally, I asked him to play Autumn Leaves with brushes and he left!

  2. John Sprague

    John Sprague Sam Shen's US Distributor

    Mar 10, 2003
    Rochester, NY
    Sales Manager, CSC Products Inc.
    If you had said nothing else, that would have been enough.

    Something tells me this drummer didn't come from a jazz background.
  3. Alexi David

    Alexi David

    May 15, 2003
    There's one drummer here, he's so loud, doesn't listen - never makes/listens a cue. Many tunes have ended with him still going (!) in double-time Samba nonetheless! (In Cyprus a simple swing with ride/Hi hat - is considered BORING - that's cause no one here can actually DO it well)
  4. Do you mean your normal 7/4 schwinng or the grrroovier 5/4 schwinng or do you guys nowadays prefer the good ol´ 11/4 schwinng?

  5. Alexi David

    Alexi David

    May 15, 2003

    Have you heard Max Roach records to see how those meters swing! whoah
  6. Yeah, I´ve heard some.
    And I have also played that odd-meter Greek and Balkan music...that´s fun!

  7. Yeah, that's for sure....

    There is a great video by Ed Thigpen which is all about brushes. Man, he really smokes on that video (with Ron Carter on bass)! If anybody thinks playing brushes is (1) boring, or (2) not challenging, they need a lot of work on their technique!

    I have another "drummer" coming to audition this Friday night. He was wondering what venues we play because he doesn't think jazz is too popular (read: why don't you guys play some rock or blues so we don't have to practice and can play any cheap bar where nobody has any taste). Ugh! Maybe I should just tell him to stay home now.

    Anybody got a good drum machine?