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So many import Ray, and Sterling Models...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Staccato, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Staccato

    Staccato Low End Advocate

    Aug 14, 2009
    What's your experience?

    There's quite a few "import" series. How does anyone keep them straight when choosing one, a spreadsheet of specs?

    There's the choice or one, or two pickups on the imports. The options vary quite w/ switching for serial, parallel, or phantom coil. For the current models, the street prices vary quite a bit!

    OLP MM2 4 String (discontinued)
    OLP MM22 4 String (discontinued)
    OLP MM3 5 String (discontinued)
    OLP MM32 5 String (discontinued)
    S.U.B. Ray4 (Sterling by Music Man)
    S.U.B. Ray5 (Sterling by Music Man)
    Ray34 (Sterling by Music Man)
    Ray 34 fretless (Sterling by Music Man)
    Ray35 (Sterling by Music Man)
    SB14 (Sterling by Music Man)
  2. stoo


    Nov 10, 2003
    To add to that list.... There's also the OLP MM22 (double humbucker 4 string) and MM32 (double pickup 5 string) - also both discontinued, and fairly rare as they weren't made for long.

    I had an MM32 for a while, then bought an MM22 and ended up trading the 5 string for a fretless MIM jazz.

    For the price, my MM22 is very hard to fault. Sounds good, looks good, plays good. The fretwork isn't level enough for a ridiculously low action, but it's close enough that it could be fixed easily if I was overly worried about it.

    A little while ago I tried out a SBMM S.U.B., a Ray34 fretless and an EBMM classic Stingray.... maybe I've got cheap taste, but out of the 3 of them, I preferred playing the S.U.B. by some margin!
  3. Staccato

    Staccato Low End Advocate

    Aug 14, 2009
    Stoo, thanks for mentioning those models that were not in the OP. I've edited the post to include them.

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