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So, our band leader is meeting with Warner Bros

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by chump stain, May 20, 2011.

  1. Capital turned out to be a bust. They wanted $350 up front, and for the whole band to come down to Columbus Ohio and record a single. They also wanted us to sign a contract with them as our agent. When asked how many bands they represent, and what kind of results they could produce, the answer was vauge, or non-exsistant. They did not want to use material that we already spent months on recording, mixing, and mastering. They said they would pay 60% of the costs for the Columbus trip. Then, I guess they shop around our "single" to potential labels.

    I guess if we were 16, didn't have any experience, and were desperate to get some exposure, it might be okay. But, we could pretty much do on our own, what they wanted to be paid for.
  2. Ask them if they know that people die from "exposure"...
  3. salcott

    salcott Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    NYC, Inwood.
    Truth at the link.
  4. lucas vigor

    lucas vigor Banned

    Sep 2, 2004
    Orange County, Ca,

    Yep! And suprisingly, it is the octave effect in the line 6 bass pod....the thing tracks really good! The bass is a P-bass with flatwound strings. Though rock is not really my speciality, I include that link because I know most of the people here would not relate to or care for anything that is not rock, and besides, it is indeed double bass on all of the other songs except for a few. Double bass with belcanto orchestral strings and recorded acoustically with just a mic.

    I just saw the last part of this thread and am sorry things did not work out for you...yeah, like many have said the whole record business sucks...for me, live performance and Do-it-yourself is the way to go. You can release your own downlowdable album on CD Baby these days...and sell the heck out of it! I really don't even like rock much, but like I said, I would totally buy your band's album. Every once in a while, something I hear in the rock genre appeals to me. I like all the attention to texture and stereo-field placement in your band's sound. Good mixture of pop AND intelligence!
  5. I have the deepest respect for recording acts who are completely independent. They're the bands who have truly figured out how to connect directly with their audience. For a very long time, the music business operated on the false promise outlined in Albini's essay, and there was virtually no way for bands to get around it. What's amazing about our current era is that the script is being flipped, and musicians who are innovative, energetic, and resourceful can now completely circumvent that old outmoded business model of the record industry and flourish in spite of it.

    For all of the reasons that have already been posted, your music strikes me as being ill-suited to a major label record deal, and best suited to a completely independent approach. But what do I know?
  6. Lucas, yeah that Line 6 does sound good! I have a Boss OC2, which works okay, but I think yours sounds better. Our new CD will be available at all the places, CD Baby, Itunes, and whatever. It should be out now. We should have the website updated soon as well, with links on where to get it.

    I see you're in a rockabilly band, that's cool! I love The Reverend Horton Heat, and the Stray Cats. I would totally dig that gig. I gotta get a double bass. I also have some bad GAS for a P bass.

    derridiandrift, you're right, I don't think we're really major label material. Although I do think there's an audience out there for this music. Our songs don't really have a hook, or a repeating chorus. Our music builds in sections.

    The names of the songs on the website are wrong. The web designer got 'em mixed up, the song titled "Listen" is really called "Breakable", and it's a good example of our writing style. The last section is my favorite, although it's just 5 chords, it's very powerful.

    Thanks again to everyone who has offered some real feedback, and not just insults. I really apprieciate it!

  7. faulknersj

    faulknersj Supporting Member

    Apr 4, 2008
    Scottsdale Az
    DIY is where it's at for you guys imo! I would develop a regional plan and select for towns or cities near you that you can hit 1 weekend per month. The idea is to develop a fan base in your hometown and in 3 other towns to the extent that you can pack a small club and make money in 4 different markets once per month. This strategy will also give you an idea of how realistic a career path your bands music can offer. Ideally, each time you return to a market there will be a little bit larger turnout. If you can successfully develop these for markets, they will allow you to start targeting other markets thus slowly broadening your reach, fanbase, and earning potential. Selling merch can also be a very lucrative way to earn extra income. It is nice to have options at various pricepoints..stickers $2 a $10 option, a $15 option etc... Your band is not a major label band imo, but more of an underground DIY type of project. The CD sounds really good so the challenge will be creating a live show that will get people really excited to see your band live and bring their friends next month when you roll thru town. Keep us posted :)
  8. I wish I could post some music I have. I have some live rehearsals, and some demo's of the new music. I already know of dropbox, which is okay, kind of cumbersome to use. Anybody know a good place to post song files? Lucas, is that site you use free?
  9. Here's our new album on CD Baby
    It's a collection of new songs, alternate versions, and live performances of older songs. And shows the transistion from the previous members to the current line up.
    Tracks I'm on are, Abandon, Vox Populi Vox Dei, Seperate Silence, Bleak, and Throwing Glances.

    Check it out!
  10. tbh im glad you didnt go for it. $350 up frount never. if they wanted you soo bad they'd pay
  11. Yup, that's what I said. It's probably cool for some kids who aren't sure where to start. But not for us.
  12. baalroo


    Mar 24, 2008
    Wichita, KS
    it probably feels pretty cool for some kids who aren't sure where to start, but it's not for anyone.
  13. Connections in Warner Bros etc aren't a bad thing at all....

    ... I've a friend in Boston who is still new in her project who randomly met a CEO for Virgin on a plane and he put her on a sick slot at Virgin Fest.

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