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  1. Nvr2old


    Dec 27, 2012
    I never intended to be a musician, much less a bass player. Three years ago a friend asked me to play bass in his basement band and I laughed - too many things going on in my life, not to mention I had never played any instrument since the trombone in high school more than 30 years earlier.

    So a week later he shows up with a bass guitar and a practice amp in hand, gives them to me, says I can learn, and band practice is Saturday at 10am, don't be late. So I run out and buy a So Now You're a Bass Player 101 book, tape a fret chart to my music stand, and three hours of band went by in what felt like 30 minutes. It was otherworldly. Now I meet periodically with two different instructors - one for a focus on scales and music theory and one with a focus on technique and practice drills.

    Now for the last year I've been gigging steadily around town in a regular project (unrelated to his basement band - they won't leave the safety of the basement), and playing with a couple of new side projects. Being a bass player is, apparently, to never be without playing options.

    I found this forum last week because for Christmas I decided it was past time to get myself a real gigging rig to replace the 80W Peavey head and 112 cab that barely works as a stage monitor. Went into this thinking I was going to get a Mark Bass Tube 800 and a 210 cab, and after days of combing through the threads here I just bought a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 for a killer deal :hyper: and now I'm trying to decide between a nice deal on a Schroeder 210PL, or pay the extra $$ for a Schroeder 1212L or a 212PL. Decisions... decisions...

    So glad I found this place.

    Life begins at 50. I tell my friends I'm not reliving my youth, I'm reinventing it.

  2. theduke1

    theduke1 Supporting Member

    Dec 22, 2010
    Sussex WI
    Welcome Dan
    The Wi Bassist club is planing a GTG here in Manitowoc WI in May, if your headed his way or would just like to come contact me and I'll shoot you the directions cause all are welcome!
  3. Nvr2old


    Dec 27, 2012
    When in May? We have a big event here in Minneapolis every third weekend in May.


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