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  1. I used a 1/8'' to 1/4'' adapter, and plugged an Ipod into my LMII -> Epifani UL410?

    Just curious! :D
  2. T-Bird

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    You'll get the left channel media amplified and the right channel will be shorted.

  3. You will have to convert the 1/8 stereo out of the Ipod to mono with a adapter then you can run it to the 1/4 that covers the physical hookups but you also need to be very careful not to over power the input of the amp,I would consult the manufacture before I did anything,phone calls are cheap amps are not.
  4. Sten


    Nov 18, 2001
    Trade your LMII for a Shuttle 6.0, it has an aux in for that purpose :)
  5. interesting. i wonder if i started with very low input gain, if it would work.

    not that it has any practical implications for me, but it'd be fun to hear how an ipod sounded through a bass rig.

    any other opinions?
  6. Vic Winters

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    Apr 20, 2006
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    Keep everything very low when you start. iPod volume, preamp gain and master should all be very low to start off with so as not to do any damage.