So Who Would Win In A Fight

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  1. This being Pearl Harbor day and all...

    Who would win in a fight:

    The USS Wisconsin (in WWII form) or the Bismarck (with it's rudders intact)?
  2. canopener


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    The USS hasn't been sunk yet!
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    Good point. I don't think there is an argument for that.

    I agree with Canopener.
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    Have you ever looked at an Iowa-class ship?

    Those things were monstrous. I toured the Iowa when I was serving on the Kennedy, bacck in '87 or so. On the tour they tell you that she took a direct hit from a five inch gun during the war and that they never repaired the battle damage...then they point out a ding in one of the bulkheads. It was about a 1/4" deep, and about the size of my palm. This from a direct hit from a round that would punch through the entire superstructure of a modern frigate.

    Bismarck was a serious ship. But she wouldn't stand a chance unless she caught the Wisconsin by complete surprise.
  5. I agree that the Wisconsin probably would have won over the Bismarck, but I believe the Bismark would have given a good account of herself before she went down.

    Let's just be glad the Japanese didn't have enough oil to keep the Yamato going, and that she was sunk when she was. Had she not been sunk, she might have caused a few big problems before the war was over.

    Check out the U.S. Montana Class ships we never built! :eek:

    I love history !!! :hyper:

    Mike :)
  6. Thor

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    I think I am going to tag along on this one,
    as I am a big WWII history buff.
  7. MY FRIEND !!! :hyper:

    Mike ;)
  8. Just related to WWII navy stuff

    Apparently at one point of the war the british and american fleets met, the admirals corresponded, the american admiral asking the british admiral how it felt to be alongside the biggest fleet in the world, the british admiral replied saying he didnt know, but what was it like being alongside the best fleet in the world :smug:

    Dont know if there is truth to it, but i thought it was funny, and yeah, they dont make warships like they used to, you should see some pictures of greenock in the days when it was hammering out ships, crazy
  9. If I may take us on a slight detour from Battleships to Submarines, here's something you may not know: Two U.S. Submarines, the USS Tang and the USS Tullibee were both sunk by circular runs of their own torpedoes. I believe these were the only two subs to which this ever happened.

    Here's a listing of all U.S. Pacific Fleet subs lost during WW2.


    I have to brush up on my naval history, but I always remember the Tang & the Tullibee.
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    Oct 30, 2005
    Carrier based aircraft put an end to such behemoths.

    Something so huge that could be sunk by something so small.
  11. I also agree that the Wisconsin would have taken out Bismarck on her finest day.

    Battleships are fascinating to me. I'm not a Navy guy by any means, but these monsterous machines of maliciousness captivate me. I was reading accounts of the Bismarck's final battle. I realize her rudders were stuck, but it's amazing that it only took 2 hours to bring her down, and although she went down swinging, she didn't make a hit in that final engagement. For all the time, money and prestige wrapped up in that ship- 2 hours of fighting...

    I read an account from Korea how Wisconsin was battering some inland target, and a 155mm shore battery got off a few shots at her and hit her once. The 16 inchers completely obliterated the shore battery and went about her business obliterating her intended target.

    During the early phases of Desert Shield I was in a light infantry unit, and we were really afraid of the Iraqis rolling across the borders in T-72s. We would have been track grease. I remember the feeling of comfort knowing the Wisconsin's 16" guns were providing support, and for some reason not being afraid knowing one ton high explosive projectiles were flying over my head.
  12. Bob Lee (QSC)

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    The Tang was commanded by Richard H. "Killer" O'Kane, one of the most renowned sub captains in the US Navy's history.

    I'd have to look it up, but I think the escape from the Tang was the first use of Momsen Lungs in an emergency.
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  14. I'm gonna go for the secret option: A tagteam of the Merrimack and Monitor.
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    Being a Vet and bleeding Red White and Blue, I'll stick w/ any of the Iowa Class Battleships. I'm biased.
  16. Bard2dbone


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    They might be the only American subs that it happened to.

    But I read a fairly awesome book this summer(Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson) about some New Jersey divers who found a U-boat where none should have been. They finally (after several years) managed to conclusively identify a boat officially on record as sunk in Gibralter. They got a good look at her and she was apparently sunk by a circle runner as well.
  17. Very interesting, Bard. I'll see if I can find the book. ;)

    It's great to see all you guys interested in naval history! :hyper: I'm going to look for more links to post here.

    I noticed on the USS Bullhead, the last U.S. sub lost during WW2 that one of the sailors that died had the last name, Jewell. F.J. Jewell QM2

    What rank would that be? Quarter Master 2nd grade?

    I wonder if he's a distant relation? :confused:

  18. I vote for Hurricane Ditka
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    Thanks Bard, I went to my library website and
    ordered the Kurson book, sounds very interesting.

    Michael, great links.

    That reminded me of all the issues submariners had with
    torpedo early in the Pacific Theater. See that same link about
    the Wahoo for example.