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  1. OK so here is why I left the band.
    So I have been playing in this band for just over a year, we're gigging regularly. The One gui**** (who also sings 75% of the songs) goes on vacation to Cuba. We all knew he was going well in advance. The second gui**** books a gig for the same weekend the first gui**** is gone. So the second calls me and asks me if we could sing the songs to get through the gig and I say yes. Then he calls me back and says the drummer can play the gig because he made plans for the weeknd filling in for another band. So I call a drummer friend of mine that I have known for over 15 years and he says he'll do it. So all week we run through the songs everyday. Its going good suddenly the secon gui**** is talking up my friend saying stuff ;ike man you are awesome, way better than our current drummer. We should fire him and bring you on board. I told him to shut up because I didnt want to get my friends hopes up and then have **** fall apart. And he should talk to the other gui**** before he sot his mouth off.We got all the songs tight except for the fact that we are no where the singers we had thought we were. Gig cancelled. So gui**** gets back from Cuba and the drummer switch isnt going to happen. So I left the band because I feel my friendship of 15 or so years was worth more then these Guitars and thier band.
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    Ummm, personally I don't see that as a valid reason for leaving a band. Did your drummer friend say there was a problem? Also, the second guitairst was "talking the talk", but was there really a motion to replace him, as in did he get a full schedule of upcoming gigs, get a takl down about all the songs required to know and not just the ones for the gig, etc.? If not, then sadly I believe you shouldn't have left.

    Unless there were other issues, and it just so happened that this one event could be considered the last straw.
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    If you had an essex bass, you wouldn't have this problem.
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    this doesn't make any sense...
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    I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand how you got there.
  7. What would happen if the drummer switch happened?
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    Were you getting regular paying gigs? Almost sounds like the 2nd guitarist was just being a dbag to your friend.
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    agreed. me thinks the issue is less the drummer than the guitarist(s). also, having that many people bail on you adds stress, which could be part of it. were you completely 100% happy with things up until now?
  10. ^ this is also what I am wondering. Then what? the other drummer would be all butt hurt, and gui**** #2 would now think HE is the shot caller?
  11. Clearly the Correct Answer! :D
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    So, the guitarist/singer went to Cuba for a vacation, one thing led to another, and you quit. Gotcha. :D
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    But which drummer is best for metal?
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    Don't drink a post?
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    I'm with you.
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    So your friendship with the sub-drummer for a gig that never happened was threatened how?

    Oh, some drummer "switching" drama that you didn't clear with the lead vocalist/guitar player who was on vacation? So promises were made to your friend that really was just wishful thinking. And your friend the drummer was pissed off at you that he didnt' get in the band? Well, I guess not everything is in your control.

    So you left a working band for what? Nothing? Sitting at home talking to your drummer friend?

    You really need to think about band loyalty as well. Why would you replace your drummer who was doing fine, is reliable, shows up to gigs on time and hasn't been a problem? Because you had a few rehearsals with another drummer? No, I don't think so.

    So you're loyal to your friend and the other band members (except guitar #2) are loyal to the original drummer. Guess it's better that you quit.

    I suggest you guys spend more time working on your vocals than worrying about some drama that means nothing, that clouds your mind and screwed up your decision making.
  17. My friendship with my drummer friend was never threatened. The drummer in the band is a good drummer but he had personallity conflicts with the gui****s. The gui****s called all shots as to songs played, gigs taken. If they had told the drummer that he was being replaced it wouldnt have bothered him much as he was in another band aswel. The second gui**** did give my friend the entire song lists as well as the current set list. They also worked out a time line as to when the switch would happen to give hime some time to learn all the songs. So to go through all that and then do a complete 180 and say nope it ain`t gonna happen. And then put it on me to have to tell him the bad news. So am I supposed to show up at practice or to gigs and play with a couple of gui****s who have no problem feeding a line of BS to people as long they get what they need out of them. I don`t think so. As far as band loyalty goes they had none, I was a replacement for the bass player that they didnt get along with, even tho he is a better player than I. So myself and my drummer friend have started a new band. The drummer in the band I left has also left and now the two gui****s only have themselves.
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    Stop saying "gui****".
    You say it like every other word, and it's not even like it's a clever or funny word to begin with.
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    Oh, yeah, the gui****S really don't seem care about anything but themselves. Better that you move on. Great that you started your own thing.

    Glad you laid the whole story out. Much better understanding now.

    You might want to check out the links in my sig. for some info on band management.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    you are going to talk about clever with a name like awesomeMcBadass? HA!