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Soak up the Sunn

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by ryognbass, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. ...needed a cheery title to combat the winter drudges here in the northeast :D

    Up for consideration today are my Sunn Concert bass head and 215s cabinet. the head is 200w of early solid state goodness, with a breakup to die for when the preamp gets pushed. more than loud enough with a variety of cabs I've used, ranging from Bag End to SWR and of course the matching Sunn 215s. the volume pot has been replaced on the amp, as the original failed over time. The photo shows a temporary replacement knob, but the original is now on there.

    All original parts (except the volume pot) are here on the head, only issues are that the leather on the handle is beginning to crack, and one of the cable loop clips on the bottom is slightly cracked, but still functional.

    As for the cab, it sounds absolutely monstrous and moves a massive amount of air. The tolex is scuffed on the side from years of loading, and the handle, although functional, isn't too pretty. However, there are no blemishes that affect sound or compromise structural integrity. As for the speakers, the originals were replaced with eminence delta 15's, which allow the cab to handle 600w at 4ohms, which allows the amp to output full power to a single pair of drivers.

    I have gotten numerous compliments whenever I rolled this rig out, on tone and pure mojo. It pains me greatly to put this out there, but I need to recoup money from many recent purchases, and look towards funding future acquisitions.

    I'd love to get $750 out of this rig, as the 215s does not pop up very often, and it has become exceedingly difficult to find a Concert bass in as good of condition as this example.

    Deals would have to be local to Northern NJ, or Worcester, MA. Let's work out a deal!

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