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Soapbar recommendations......Nords, Barts, Aero, Legacy (Lane Poor)

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by g4string, May 3, 2010.

  1. g4string

    g4string Supporting Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
    I am looking for a set of EMG 40 or 45 size soapbar pups....still haven't made my mind up on which router size I am going to go. All I do know, is the P2 size will physically not work for me. I am 90% certain I am going with the Glock 2 band preamp....I may choose the Bart 2 band if I go with Bart pups....still unsure though. However, I am sticking with a 2 band as I have a cavity drilled for 4 holes (jazz style body)....this will give me vol-blnd-treb-bass. I hate concentric stacked knobs, so no 3 bands!! The bass the pups are to installed in is a Pavel Jazz Pro Deluxe. It has an ash body, quilted top, rock maple neck, and flamed maple finger board. Some of the pups I have been contemplating are;

    Nordstrand Dual Coils - They look beautiful....I have heard nothing but great things about them!! The sad part is the price....$315 for a pair

    Bartolini M45CBC or M55CBC - Again, you really cant go wrong with Barts....can you??? You can get these guys in quad and split coil options as well. Of course, quad and splits are more $$. However, standard or classic bass dual coils will run me about $210-$220. I am curious if the Barts sound $100 cheaper than the Nordies.....and/or do the Nordies sound $100 better than the Barts??? The MK CB series might work for me....might be too narrow at 1.33" wide. However, if they work they are $200 for a set....even better!!

    Aero Dual Coils - I do not know much about their stuff, nor do I know how much a set of pups will run me. All I do know is that I see some of their pups in some pretty nice basses.....that tells me they're doing something right?? I am open to ANY feedback you might have on the Aero's.

    Legacy (Lane Poor) - I never owned a pair....but again, I have heard nothing but great things about the old LP pups. I sent the guys at Legacy an email to see what a pair will run me. I am open to ANY feedback you might have about Legacy as well.

    Delano SBC5 - Again, I do not know much about their stuff. All I do know is that I have heard nothing but great stuff about Delano pups. The only downside is the price....$300 for a pair!!! I am open to ANY feedback you might have on the Delano's.

    Here is the bass I will be doing the mods to......
  2. jbay


    May 23, 2002
    I love the Aeros on my Stambaugh. Transparent, yet very toneful. My favorite soapbars, and they have many options in terms of winding. Specialized for series or parallel or to be split to sound like true singles, there are options to have them wound for all these options too via coil tapping. probably one of the only companies that offer that? But I think they can be quite expensive, I'm guessing around $400 a pair? And unlike Barts, they sound amazing passive too.

  3. g4string

    g4string Supporting Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
    Q-tuners and SGD's are new options as well
  4. tubby.twins

    tubby.twins Amateur Pickup Reviewer Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    All of the brands you've mentioned are good. I've tried most of them, and they each have their advantages. The question is, what kind of "good" do you want? What don't you like about the tone of your current bass, and what do you hope to achieve or improve by changing pickups?

    If you need a unique upper-midrange resonance that cuts through a mix, use Bartolini "classic bass" pickups. They have a lot of character but there's a bit of a roll-off in the extreme treble frequencies.

    If you need extreme high-end clarity, use Lane Poor (Legacy) wide-aperture or SGD's "Sidewinder" pickups. You'll hear harmonics you hadn't heard earlier.

    If you want a balanced tone with modest treble and lots of midrange character, go with SGD's "Neo" pickups. They have great fingerstyle response.

    If you want a good tone that's somewhere between these last two options, use Delano "SBC" pickups. They have a lot of clarity but are still nicely balanced. You can get these in two different shapes, depending on your string spacing.

    If you need more lower midrange bite but less upper midrange, use Nordstrand "DC" pickups. They're clean but a bit "scooped" in the upper mids, and work well for slapping.

    If you're looking for a more vintage feel with less high end, consider Nordstrand's "Big Splits". These will get you more of a classic Jazz vibe.

    If you're looking for a deep, clean humbucker without a lot of brightness or midrange resonance, use the Bartolini "deep tone" pickups in dual-coil or quad-coil variants, depending on how much flexibility you need. However, these may sound darker than other options listed above.

    Finally, if you're on a tight budget, consider Carvin's soapbar pickups. They make them in dual-coil and stacked-coil models and sell directly for $60 USD each (or less).
  5. The Nordstrands may be spendy new, but the seem to pop up in the classifieds for decent prices quite often, if you're patient. There's a set in there right now I believe.
  6. Ur2funky


    Feb 16, 2010
    I have a bright-sounding Jazz bass with Nordy Big Singles in it now. I would like some more low end from this thing and I'm looking for new pickups.

    Nordy Fat Stacks, Big Split, Dual Coils or ???

    Many thanks in advance!

  7. Plake

    Plake Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    I just installed a Lane Poor(Legacy) into a project bass. I bought the MM4/5.......to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I am not runnung a preamp either and it sounded unreal. Good luck.
  8. Chrispurchase


    Oct 24, 2007
  9. Just Thumpin'

    Just Thumpin' Commercial User

    Mar 7, 2008
    NE United States
    Manager and Partner, Fodera Guitars (as of 10/14/09)
    There are some important differences...ours are made in the Duncan Custom Shop to our specific specs. The ones discussed in the article are mass produced and not identical...

  10. Just got myself a spare bass, real cheap item from ebay, unloved and from what I read post auction on the internet about other models this company made were real dogs to play, so I gotmy HKS Cyclone that came with a custom painted fretboard and extremely high action. Thats all been rectified but now I need to turn my attention to pick ups. My budget is really tight so I just want a decent replacement as the original pickups don't really like being pushed that much. They are fine beingplayed directly in to the amp but when you put them in line with a Boss tuner and Limiter/Enhancer it all goes quiet. 06012011216.
    Needs to be soap bars and it has pickup rings, any ideas?
  11. Plake

    Plake Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    Looks like Rio Grande Pit Bulls would be a good fit.

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