soapbar to mm conversion?

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  1. I just got a modulus Q4 sweetspot w/ emg. I'm definitely not a fan of emg's and I'm going to change the pickup anyway, but I really would like to put a mm style pup in. I think the width is the same(3.5in.), but the height(in a 2d sense) of the pup would require some routing. I was wondering if anybody has done this to any other bass and if this is even a good idea. Also, around how much would I probably have to spend to have this done, just the routing I guess. Help please
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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Im an emg fan but I dont care for them either in a Modulus. I would bet it would cost about $150 -$200 clams. E-mail me if you need a qualified tech to do it. My good freind is a luthier and can do it. Just remember part of MMtype sound is the pup placement so it will be different but I bet it would sound good.
  3. Anybody have any idea how the placement would affect the sound? It looks like the same place the flea bass has it's pickup.