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    Feb 12, 2005
    i saw some people tie things around the 1st fret part of the bass to mute the open strings(for tapping I think) and since my sweatbands arnt big enough to go around my headstock, i tied a (new) sock around it really tight. It makes a really interesting sound.

    anyone else done this? or am i just too lazy to buy a proper thing for doing this (if there is one)
  2. I've tried that, but it usually smells too bad to play....:eyebrow:

    Actually, I've never tried that before. I do all of my muting with my hands. I'll have too see what that sounds like.
  3. anonymous278347457

    anonymous278347457 Guest

    Feb 12, 2005
    ah thats why you use new socks :p
  4. I've done it. When I tap on my bass (with both hands), it's hard to mute it all the time so sometimes I get both sides of the string vibrating, which sounds like sh**. I tried using my sister's scrunchies but they're too big, so I had no choice but to use a sock. Works just fine.
  5. I actually have a guitar that has a headstock similar to a Firebird. There are no string trees or anything behind the nut- and the strings resonate behind the nut- it can be annoying. I've tied a few different things behind the nut to quell the vibration. I've cut some mousepad foam and just laid it behind the nut- you could do something similar in front of the nut. It makes it a little more difficult to remove.

    You could also try a velcro strap.
  6. When playing covers of Stray Cats, or any other time I needed to replicate a double bass sound I stuck a bandana underneath the strings by the bridge. I can cram more in there, or less, depending on the sound I want. Sounds pretty close to a DB.. No tapping though.