Softer D string on a MIJ fender Jazz

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  1. Hi guys, dunno whether anyone has any ideas- I've just about exhausted mine-but the D string on the '93 MIJ Fender Jazz is far softer in volume than the other 3 strings! Seems to be on both P/ups,also seems to be OK unplugged-I put my ear to the wood & all strings seemed even then,I've tried rasing & lowering the p/ups & then the G string rings out even louder & D is still soft. Don't wanna have to use a compressor on FULL all the time. ANY SUGGESTIONS ALL helpful..........please! I love the bass-tone feel etc, but I can't get rid of this prob. so far. Cheers ROD
  2. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
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    Try getting a new set of strings.
  3. You said you raised the pickups, but did you think about lowering the D string?
  4. Loel

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    Oct 31, 2004
    I also have a 1993 MIJ 62 RI Jazz!! first thing i did when i got it was to change out the pick up's,i put in a set of D'Marzio model j's;the original japan pu's aren't the greatest,i've had no problems at all since then.

    hope this helps :bassist:
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    Jan 15, 2005

    so ur suggesting that perhaps there's a problem with a single pole on bothh pickups? Possible, but i'd lower the string a bit. If that doesn't do anything, try a new set. If you're liking the tone, working from the least drastic up is probably the better choice.

  6. Raise the poles on the pickups for the D string.
  7. Akami

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    Mar 6, 2005
    Especially if you're considering replacing the pickups try raising the individual pole pieces for that string. It's pretty easy to do and I do it regularly on all pole piece pickups whether they're adjustable or not.
  8. I've tried new strings-1st thing I tried- Tried lowering the string etc.. all no difference. BUT raising the pole piece- how do I do that-I'm obviously no tech-but can U get at 'em from underneath or something?, as U can't seem to do anything from the top. Yeh & from above- both P/Ups- I could've imagined it happening on one at a single time, but both at the same time?????? Please tell me re raising the pole piece?!?!?!?! Thanx guys, Rod.
  9. Akami

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    Mar 6, 2005
    You have to take the pickups out so you can press the pole pieces up from the underside of the pickup and you also want to be cautious not to move it more than necessary, as that can cause the pole piece to become loose inside the pickup.

    I use the tip of my Leatherman pliers to gently press the piece up while keeping my hand anchored against the pickup surface so I can control the movement.

    If you've tried new strings and it still has the low output problem on that string, both pickups, then yes, do it to both pickups.
  10. Thanx for that. That sounds like the best bit of help I've had on this issue, I really appreciate it!!! I love the bass, the tone is lovely, feel is great, just that damn D string- It's quite noticable-playing live I'll go from being"in there & sounding good,then I hit that D string & the bass just drops out from the mix of things. I'll get back to U & let U know how I go with it. Thanx again. ROD
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    Check the volume of the string with the bass unplugged before you do anything. If it's still weak check the volume of the notes going up the neck on that string. If you can go up a few frets and the volume comes back, you might have a dead spot.

    I had the same problem with my P-bass but on the "E"-string. The notes were weak sounding up un till I got to the 4th fret or so. I tried adjusting the pickup, changing the string, every thing. Then I relized the string had the same problem unplugged. Turns out I had a dead spot centered around the low "G" (almost no volume or sustain, just a "plunk"), going down to the "E" and up to the "G#". The bass was still under warantee so I was able to get a fret leveling for free, which took care of everything except the "G". I got a Groove Tubes "Fat Finger", a brass clamp the attaches to the head stock and increases it's mass moving the dead spot. It worked OK, but in the end I ended up putting a BadAss bridge on the thing and that worked 100%.

    This may not be what your experiencing, but it's worth checking before you go messing with your pickups and stuff.

    Good Luck!

    ~Paul :)
  12. Thanx for that suggestion, Mine sounds A-OK acoustically-as far as I can tell anyway- I put my ear to the wood & the D string sounds on par with the others, so Its only electronically a prob.-unless it's acombo of these things all adding up to my prob. That Groove tube thingy sounds like a good idea & I may just get a decent bridge too!!! Thanx. Keep suggestions comin' tho'. I'll let U guys know how I go & when I fix it. Thanx, Rod