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  1. Some years ago I put together a tutorial which I used to teach my students. Until recently this had been a collection of lessons which I kept in an expanding file.
    I would like assemble this collection into a tutorial, a book.

    What I need is a program that will allow me to write both notation and TAB, as well as text. The program also has to be compatible with Kindle and other electronic media publishers.

    I know this is doable because of the enormity of material already out there. Unfortunately I missed the technology boat.

    If anyone knows of a program that would allow me to do this I would be really grateful.
    Thanks a million.
  2. mrcbass


    Jan 14, 2016
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    I'm not aware of any magic software for you to use, but I've prepared some stuff for myself that required text and notation. I simply created my musical notation using my sheet music software (using MuseScore) and then took a screen shot (using Snag-It) to create an image. I then just pasted the image of the music into a Word doc. The same could be done with tabs.

    Can't say that I know this or even researched this, but based on my experience just with MuseScore and looking for sheet music notation alone, I'd be surprised if there is software that allows you to generate staff music, tab notation and blocks of text. It would be pretty expensive and probably quite buggy if it did exist. Using images is pretty easy and probably the way to go.