Solar eclipse pits superstition against science

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    Sep 4, 2007
  2. ...for what, a really interesting astronomical phenomenon that has occured millions of time throughout the history of the solar system?

    These "astrologers" need to go hang out with the moon walk hoax tinfoil hat brigade.

  3. I believe he is waiting for the doom part. But a sarcastic waiting
  4. Oh, I got that he was being sarcastic and making a joke, I'm just disturbed that ANYONE would take these idiots that think an eclipse means ANYTHING (other than the moon moving in front of the sun for a short time).

    Sometimes I fear we are sliding back into another dark ages...
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    awesome thread, you have even included a link.
  6. The moon does do something, my mum works in A&E and full moon nights are always more caotic, always more patients and they always get more mental health patients on full moon nights than on other nights.
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    This has been debunked quite a bit:

  8. Well, around here it seems like, sometimes, that a full moon comes with a large a mount of lunacy. But not always a full moon.
  9. It's even got a name:

    Enumeration Of Favorable Circumstances

    aka counting the "hits" and not counting the "misses", or you could just call it was it is, a reporting/recording bias in favor of your theory.

    There is NO statistical evidence to support any of the claims to "lunacy" being related to the phase of the moon. That goes for Mercury being in retrograde as well...a favorite of my ex-wife whenever things didn't go as she wanted them to. :rollno:
  10. I was part of a boy scout troop that traveled to a US Air Force base in eastern N.C. during 1970 to witness a full, solar eclipse. Mere words alone could never justify the "other worldliness" that those few minutes on the tarmac were like. The temperature instantly dropped, the birds immediately all roosted and the colors and patterns that played along the ground and the sky... oh my gosh...
  11. It IS quite an experience, isn't it? :)

    And the fact that it is just a natural phenomenon doesn't remove any of the wonder. :D
  12. This is clearly the work of the devil and portends disaster for us all. If you dispute these facts, I will pour gasoline on you.
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    The astrologers are right. There will be violence and turmoil across the world with the eclipse.

    But that's because there's always violence and turmoil across the world. Might as well predict that water will be wet.
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    I've seen drunks go crazy where some weird occurrences happen in the sky, and when they don't.
  15. +1
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    Science always wins. Those who are ruled by superstition lose.

    No problem.
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    :D Right on!
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    I do have to ad that the moons gravity does effect us in some small way. It moves the ocean and creates tides. It has to have some pull on the human body which is made mostly of water. Now, I do not propose that the effect is any different in conjunction with the position of the sun. Maybe the solar radiation hits the earth in a different fashion. The only effect I suspect is a few crashed cars from people taking their eyes off the road when the pretty eye candy appears.

    Some stoned 15 year old who has no idea this is coming and lives in the boonies may believe the world is ending.

    Sounds like fun.