SOLD SOLD! Fender Custom Shop '59 Precision Relic w/ Matching Headstock

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  1. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    I didn't want to have to do this, but 2016 has been a rough year. Up fo SOLD is my Custom Shop '59 Precision Bass Relic. I believe I might be the third owner. This was a special order in Candy Apple Red with matching headstock. This color and matching headstock was not offered in production instruments. The bass weighs 9lbs and was professionally set up by Tom Pellerito of Pellerito Guitars. Tom sanded and put two coats of oil on the back of the neck and its as smooth as it gets. In addition, I had a custom aged-white pearloid guard made and installed, so you get that and the original tortoise shell guard that came with it. The bass will be shipped with the original strings which I barely used before putting on flats. Sounds killer with both. This is one of a kind, and I haven't seen anything out on the market like this in years. I've had countless people tell me it's one of the best Precisions they've ever heard, but life is getting in the way.

    NO TRADES. Please don't ask. Outright sale only. SOLD!!

    Model Name: '59 Precision Bass® Relic®
    Model Number: 015-2300-(Color Candy Apple Red)
    Series: Time MachineTM Series
    Body: Select Alder
    Neck: Maple, "C" Shape, (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
    Fingerboard: Rosewood, 7.25” Radius (184 mm)
    No. of Frets: 20 Vintage Style Frets
    Scale Length: 34” (864 mm)
    Width @ Nut: 1.750” (44.5 mm)
    Hardware: Nickel/Chrome
    Machine Heads: Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines
    Bridge: American Vintage Precision Bass
    Pickguard: 4-ply tortoise shell
    Pickups: 1 Custom Vintage ‘59 Split Single-Coil Pickup (Mid)
    Colors: (060) Candy Apple Red(Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
    Strings: Super 7150M, Pure Nickel, P/N 073-7150-006, Gauges: (.045, .065, .085, .105)
    Other Features: Shows Natural Wear and Tear of Years of Heavy Use. The '59 was a Transitional Model with Rosewood Fretboard and Tortoise Shell Pickguard.
    Source: U.S. Fender Custom Shop
    Accessories: Vintage Tweed Case (Gold Interior), Strap, Cable, Polishing Cloth
    INTRODUCED: 1/2000
    DISCONTINUED: 12/2008
    COMMENTS: Uses Case P/N 0059255000

    IMG_51001_zpsjvc0jhzt.jpg IMG_50811_zps3caouosw.jpg IMG_50781_zpshlsvybq9.jpg IMG_50771_zpse3ueliro.jpg IMG_50991_zpsisevor1x.jpg
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  2. Tom Howland

    Tom Howland Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    Oh my.........I feel GAS again.
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    GSNOLA Opinionated but approachable 4-string Scotsman. Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    New Orleans
    This is absolutely gorgeous. I was just about to think about selling a few underused basses to fund something JUST like this.
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  4. Laklandfan

    Laklandfan Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2010
    New Orleans, LA
    If only it was an A width neck.
  5. drums1977


    Mar 31, 2008
    Gorgeous. Do you know the weight? Thanks
  6. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    Thanks! Sorry, should have listed that. 9lbs.
  7. IanAllison

    IanAllison Supporting Member

    May 27, 2006
    This is my old bass. Fantastic instrument. Sounds humongous and the relic job is spectacular as well. Good luck!
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  8. Willicious

    Willicious Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    Bend, Oregon
    Free bump for that gorgeous DARK rosewood.
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  9. Ace Of Bass

    Ace Of Bass A Rooster Illusion

    Jun 27, 2006
    DMV the Scott Devine FCS P, but in reverse..!
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  10. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    Exactly. I think they may have been made around the same time. Just a guess.
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  11. SJLee

    SJLee Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    Beautiful Bass! I don't know how long that tort guard has been off the bass but if you are able, you might want to screw it down to a piece of wood so it does not shrink and loose it's shape. I had this happen to me with a jazz guard and now it's useless. GLWTS!
  12. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    The guard has only been off the bass for a couple of months. These newer guards don't seem to shrink like the older celluloid ones.
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  13. SJLee

    SJLee Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    That's cool. I wonder if they are using the same material?
  14. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    Yep, over the weekend. Hasn't moved a bit. I haven't had that experience with anything made past the 70's. I have seen it happen on a few "real vintage" pieces, but nothing that I've owned.
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  15. SJLee

    SJLee Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2007
    I had it happen about 6 years ago with a new guard that I had purchased. It was tort and I had decided after putting it on my jazz bass that I didn't like the look after all. I had it around a few years stored in a closet in a cardboard sleeve. About two years later I tried it on again and it no longer fit. It does happen.
  16. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    Price Drop to $2500!!
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  17. nonohmic


    Dec 13, 2005
    ABQ, NM.
    Oh man, so pretty. This thing must THUMP!
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  18. Dave Fowler

    Dave Fowler Bass is what I know .. it's what I do! Supporting Member Commercial User

    Sep 23, 2015
    Nashville, TN
    I am a (small) dealer .. buying, selling, trading basses is my passion!
    Still have this??? Please reply or text me 615 977 2277 thank you.
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  19. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    You know it!
  20. Bob Moulton

    Bob Moulton Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Ypsilanti, MI
    I do Dave. Ready to rock.