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*SOLD* K&K Sound Bass Max Upright Bass Pickup

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by AgostoMortal, May 11, 2010.

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  1. BRAND NEW, not my cup of tea.
    Unfortunately I couldn't return it. paid $100
    SELLING FOR $49 + Shipping.

    The Bass Max is a compact unit designed to be wedged into the wing in the side of your bridge. K&K advises that they feel that one sandwiched unit is better than a pair, with one in each wing of the bass, to avoid potential out-of-phase problems. It has two piezo elements in this single rubber jacket, sandwiched top and bottom, with material in between, so it senses the activity from both the top and bottom of the bridge.

    The Bass Max is my most popular pickup, and rightfully so. It sounds great, with a full range response and is especially good for situations where you'd need to temporarily mount or switch the pickup between basses (a 30 second job). For the many different styles I play, I have come to prefer the Bass Max's versatile character; though the Double Big Twin (also from K&K) is absolutely wonderful for those who specialize in straight-ahead jazz.

    Compared to the Double Big Twin, the Bass Max is very clean, with the string sounds not quite as "defined" -- and that's not a bad thing, but a different one -- it is still crystal clear, just not as 'stringy.' This pickup also has the same warmth, and that is generally unusual for piezos. It also has a smoother arco response than the DBT -- more bridge than string sound, since there is more wood between it and where the strings meet the bridge. Electric bassists could draw the comparison of a bridge pickup as opposed one placed at a midpoint (not the neck position). However, unlike some other pickups, it is not muddy or dark, and produces plenty of highs -- you can get some hand, string, and slapping sounds, too, unless you eq them out.

    If you lean towards bluegrass or rockabilly, or want a slightly thicker, more mid-rangy sound, I'd go with a Bass Max -- especially if you switch to arco a good deal. The Double Big Twin has a more "scooped", hi-fi style of sound (which I sometimes preferred for jazz on the Juzek), where the Bass Max had more midrange and a little less string.

    Will it fit your bridge? Bridges are not uniform, and many require slight alterations to accommodate any pickup. I use a file or piece of sandpaper wrapped around a slim slice of wood to remove just enough wood to make it fit. If the bridge wing is too wide, a small piece of wood can be used as a shim. Instructions are included with the pickups as well as my own tips and hints on installation and use, it's no challenge to fit it.

    If you've ever had your hands on Ampeg Baby Bass reissue (and most other Azola made electric upright basses), take note of the Bass Max pickup that is inserted in the side of the bridge -- K&K made it for them.

    If your application calls for what this unit has to offer, have more than one bass and don't want to buy a pickup for each one, or you don't want to glue anything to your bridge, I heartily recommend it. Please consider that if your bridge is shorter than the usual style 3/4 size bridge, such as the type that has very long legs and a short top section, the Bass Max may not be the best choice. If there is a very short distance from the top to the bridge wing, there may be insufficient wood for the strings' sound to diffuse, and the sound of the two closest strings may be louder than the other pair.

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  2. buddyro57

    buddyro57 me and PJ (living with the angels now)

    Apr 14, 2006
    Cedar Falls Iowa
    you have a pm
  3. and I would need your address so I can calculate shipping.
  4. Sold yet?
  5. Sold, thanks.

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