Sold my Modulus, setting my sight on Rickenbacker

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  1. Since I got my Elrick New Jazz Standard Bass, my poor Modulus has been tucked in my cozy closet. The number of tones from the Elrick is truly amazing, and sustains like crazy. My band were playing last weekend and amazingly I could get an exact The Cure sound, we were playing the Cure for nostalgia sake, and the crowds went nuts.

    O.K, back to the subject, I'm setting my site on a Fire Glow 4003 4 strings, Midnight Blue, Turquoise, and there's also an older Azure Blue, a Gold one and an older Silver one.

    But I found this in Elderly instrument, it's the Cheyenne II model. I thought they discontinued the Cheyenne model, but I guess they came out with the "II" series. I think it's gorgeous, but I never played them, anybody ever play one?


    Here da link
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    Apr 12, 2000
    I live not a mile from Elderly and played that exact bass. It rocks. The number of tones you can get are amazing. I really liek the look and feel of those "modern" rics. You really can't go wrong with this one if you like rics.
  3. Thanks G, that really helped a lot, damn it, my GAS is building up fast.

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    Aug 7, 2000
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    That is the first Ric I have seen that I actually like. That thing looks pretty cool.

    Normally, I tend to think Rics are about the ugliest basses made. I didn't know they had it in em to make something that looks that nice.;)
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    Aug 25, 2001
    On the move

    Just pm'd you check it out

  6. Hey, that's funny--I just got a fireglo 4003 yesterday. I haven't had a lot of time to play it just yet (double whammy with the MTD showing up the previous day), but I really like it. The only thing that sort of surprised me was that it seems pretty difficult to not get that "Ric" tone. Think Geddy, Chris Squire, Geezer, etc. That's not a bad thing, since you already have a versatile bass in the Elrick, but just wanted to comment on that. The Cheyenne might be different, and it looks freakin' awesome, so maybe it's the way to go!
  7. Funky Carnivore, so how do you like the feel, action, and the set up on your Rick? I played a FireGlow 4003 and I loved it. I like the neck and the action. Since I could get a versatile tone from my Elrick/EdenWT-800/Epifani Combo(don't even need any pedals or effects), all I want from the Rick is the Rick tone. I watched and listened to The Strokes song "Last Nite" and the tone drove me nuts. I love it!!!!!!
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    modulusbassist- you are in Henderson? - we should meet- im in Vegas- i play in STORM at Mandaly Bay- small world- peace, Adrian
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    I may be staying at Mandalay Bay in March...I'll let you know...
  10. I hadn't played a four string for awhile until I got the Ric, and it seems to have a little tiny neck. It's very playable, and that all-maple thing makes it real solid. The only adjustment I had to make to my playing was that big chrome cover over the bridge pickup. I find that plucking close to the bridge (to the right side of the cover) helps me to sound a little bit more like Geddy. Also, my 4003 has weird strap buttons--they look like thumbscrews or something. I'll photo it a little later so you can see. Keep in mind that this bass is probably 15 years old, and I think I read somewhere that the new ones have Schaller compatible buttons.
  11. Okay, I checked the serial number thing at the Ric page, and it's a 91. Here's the photos. First, a normal picture of the bass:
    And then a closeup of the weird strap button:
  12. Real nice! It's the color that I wanted. Since your bass is 10 years old, how's the frets holding up? I heard that the first thing one should inspect when buying used Rick basses are the frets.
  13. Oh yeah and I forgot, Adrian, yup I'm in Henderson. It is a small world. Hope you enjoy your gig at Mandalay Bay's Storm.

    Just wondering, which bass do you use at Storm? Could you tell me your set up? I'm very interested what type of rig you use. Do you have a choice or it's all been set by Storm?

  14. The frets look pretty good. When I got the bass, it had D'Addario nickel rounds installed, so maybe that keeps the frets from wearing out too much.
  15. FC what do you mean weird strap button.
    Every RIC I have owned has had that strap button.
    Am I missing something in the Pic?

    P.S. Looks nice.

    Nice looking CHEYENNE MB.
    I prefer the older hard corner models but I played one of those at a local music store years ago and was shocked that the RIC had become some what modern.

    Good Luck
  16. Hey gruffpuppy, this is the first Rick I've ever seen in person, and I figured that all Rick strap buttons are this way. I did read in the Rick FAQ where it said that they were putting Schaller compatible buttons, but I might have been mistaken. So they're only weird to me because I'd never seen them until yesterday.
    By the way, it is Rick or Ric?
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    Is this because the frets are softer than other basses, or because it's such a pain in the /\$$(and expen$ive) to refret because of the bound, lacquered fingerboard?
  18. Regarding frets, I think embellisher is right on both accounts, and because when buying used, you'll never know if the user ever used round wounds(ouch!) on their rics.
  19. I always say RIC, do I know why? Nope.

    I think some of there products I.E. stickers and the such may have said just RIC.

    Either way I call mine steve. ;)

    I was going to put some strap locks on but the buttons are kind ot threaded into the bass.
    Not screws but more like bolts.
    As soon as I took the strap button out I choose not to, It would be cool if they came with them seeing that the buttons are so small.
  20. Just wondering, anybody owns a 1963 Ric 4001 bass or early 1960's Ric 4001, pleaaaaase post pics if you do.