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  1. SaraL


    Mar 10, 2018
    Berkeley, CA
    Pristine Condition - no defects, scratches, or any wear n' tear of any kind.

    Curly Maple Top, Mahogany Body, Maple/Wenge Neck, Wenge Fingerboard,

    Split Stereo 4 Bass/4 Melody, 2 Output Jacks, Vol/Vol Tone/Tone

    Tuning - Bass low B inverted 5ths, Melody start at B just below standard C# ascending 4ths

    Pristine condition

    $2,000 + plus shipping

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  2. charlie monroe

    charlie monroe Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    You should pm a mod to get this moved to Classifieds
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  3. SaraL


    Mar 10, 2018
    Berkeley, CA
  4. jd56hawk

    jd56hawk Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
  5. mmbongo

    mmbongo Regular Human Bartender Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Is this bass still available? Ship to Nigeria?
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  6. wvbass

    wvbass Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2004
    West Virginia
    The string configuration leaves me confused.
  7. kobass

    kobass Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Outside Boston
    If this were a five string I would have been all over it!
  8. nostatic

    nostatic Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    Lompoc, CA
    Endorsing Artist: FEA Labs
    weight? string spacing? astrological sign?
  9. Dean N

    Dean N

    Jul 4, 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I like turtles!
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