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Solid State or tube

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Diddii, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. recently i have been searching for new Amp (head), I preferably want to buy Ampeg rig. The products from ampeg that i'm interrested in are: SVT-3/4, SVT-CL, SVT-1000
    Some of them are Solid State and some Tubes. What is the diffrent between Tube and Solid state amp, i know how they work... But what are the diffrences in sounding?

    Also have anyone experience with these products that i metion? (SVT-3/4/CL/1000)
  2. Assuming you are talking about the power section, and not just the pre, the differences (oversimplified are:

    Tube.... large footprint, heavy, super fat tone, some 'give' in the attack, deep, deep lows, reliable... but takes a little care

    SS.... small, light, very 'quick' response, tighter low end, more articulate, reliable, pretty much maintenance free.

    For anything but the grindiest of rock tones, SS amps are IMO FAR superior (especially when the cost, weight, etc. is factored into the equation).

    However.. if you are a rockin' PBass with pick guy... there's nothing like a big old all tube SVT.
  3. The SVT-3 is a hybrid amplifier, it uses tubes in the pre section with a SS power section.

    The CL is all tube, tube pre, driver and power.

    The SVT-1000 is all SS (as far as im aware).

    The best thing to do would be to try them out, as they will sound pretty different. Tube pre amp sections have a pretty different sound to SS. Generally warmer sounding and sound great overdriven. Tube power sections give this whole other level to the sound of an amplifier.

    From those options, i'd choose the CL.

    But you should have a look at the SVT-2 Pro and SVT-VR models which are current. Or vintage SVTs or SVT-IIs.