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  1. At my high school, I am famous for my bass playing. I'm not especially good, but no one else at our school is good at all, so people think that I'm like a god when I play :cool: Anyway, I have gotten asked to play at 3 "gigs". 1 of them just me and my drummer, the other 2 just solo bass :meh: I was kind of dumbfounded when I was asked to do them, because, I mean, who likes SOLO BASS besides bass players? :rollno: but anyway, I was like "sweet". My set is actually very cool, so I'm very excited. I just thought you guys would be interested to know about this occurrence, and I was also wondering if anyone has done similar gigs to these? How were they? :ninja:
  2. Dude, that rules.

    Just make sure that the ratio of solo bass gigs to hot chicks (preferably college freshman, because, as a solo bassist, this is well within your reach) is fair and balanced!!! Go on young Skywalker, use the force!!!

    Sweet..... ;)

  3. You killed my father! wait a minute... :D
  4. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    I just played a solo one last night actually. It was pretty sweet. I just played a 5 minute Instrumedley featuring portions from these songs:

    Tool - Disposition
    Metallica - Anestesia Pulling Teeth
    Dream Theater - Ytse Jam
    Dream Theater - Metropolis Part I (the B9 to A9 to B9 to G9 part)
    Dream Theater - Metropolis Part I (tapping solo)
    Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
    Liquid Tension Experiment - Universal Mind (tapping solo)
    Phish - Contact (slap part in B minor)

    I ended on the D Major chord in "Contact."
  5. Here's my tentative set (I'll edit any changes) (not necessarily in order)

    1. The Awakening (yes the Les Claypool one but I added so much that it's totally mine)
    2. Southbound Pachyderm
    3. Playground (original)
    4. Me Gusta (original)
    5. Charlie brown theme :D W/ Looper, o yeah :cool:
    6. Improv slap thing in Bb (Catchy title, I know :D )
    7. A bunch of flea solos I copped and integrated all together
    8. Hendrix national anthem (on
    9. Anesthesia (modified, of course :rolleyes: )
    10. Country Music
    11. Amazing Grace

    They're all masterfully ;) segued together, so the different songs are not really...different songs.

    I estimate that it will take about 45 minutes. Then I'll figure out something else to do :D

    Yes I am addicted to smileys
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    Jun 14, 2005
    West Yorkshire, UK
    If you want to round it off and get them all on their feet, may I suggest you play Stu Hamm's Country Music, I have become somewhat a ledgend at school for being able to play sections of that. The power tab is available from Stu's unofficial site, you will probably want to miss out some of the really insane stuff that tends to go wrong (I sure do) but it's great fun to play and everyone gets into it. Plus, it's not as hard as it sounds (well parts of it anyway, bits of the fastest fingerstyle and tapping still own me).
  7. Good idea. I'll learn that.
    Now to really get their butts off their chairs and their jaws on the ground: how about this? :D


    Actually, I wonder if there's any genius over in the tab forum that could transcribe that...

    I would honestly consider picking out parts of that for the show.
  8. reminds me of how it was in higih school for me lol
  9. Well, I had the gig w/ the drummer on Saturday. It went really well. I did the first about 35 minutes of my set without problems, when I saw this guitarist that I've jammed with before in the crowd. He was pretty good, so I asked him if he wanted to play, and he said he would love to. He ran home and got his amp and guitar while I played Country Music. When he got back and set up, I leaned over to him and said "E minor pentatonic" Our drummer counted off the song (fast) and when just went for it. We played about a solid 20 minutes just in Em Pent and totally rocked the place. Then went into this funk slap chord progression that I told him in beetween the songs, and totally got down. Then, of course I did a sweet little bass solo and we ended. The place went crazy. Definitely the coolest show I've ever played. I was amazed at how well we communicated through our playing and eye contact. And guess what? I finally found a guitarist! :D
  10. Man that gig inspired me so much to do live improv. I'm thinking of going Les on everyone and doing an entire gig improv w/ drums and guitar. Scary, I know. Brilliant or suicidal?
  11. if you're gonna try that, man, you better have the spandex to back it up... :D
  12. Which explains its absence at the show. :)
  13. awwwwww :crying: i suppose you'd need the poodle perm as well though... still- theres always next time!! :p
  14. threshar


    Jul 30, 2002
    linus & lucy w/a looper!
    that's cheating!

    It really isn't *that* hard to do. The [bad word] of it is just getting your hands to act independantly. That and the stretch involved (3-7) :)
  15. I don't see how you could do it w/o the looper. You gotta have the G-5th-G underlying part and the high G-A-B part over it.
  16. threshar


    Jul 30, 2002

    With your left hand, tap out the G-D-G (x2) G-D-A
    With your right hand tap out the melody on the G string.

    It does take some practice to do.

    Check out the lessons section on
  17. o ya. I forgot that I could tap it. Getting both of those rhythms at once would be tough tho. But screw that, I've got a looper!! HAHAHA!!!
  18. I just learned some new pieces to the set:

    Amazing Grace (highly modified)
    Country Music (only some parts, still working on it)

    any more essential solo bass pieces? Someone said that I should check out some classical cello suites, but I haven't found any good ones.