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Solo bass recital 10/30 downtown Buffalo

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by So Low Bass, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. I'd like all double bass players know about my recital this Friday in Buffalo. I am classically trained... done the Carnagie Hall, had the great experiences playing the Dragonetti and Per Qesta Bell Mano with orchestras, and the Prokofieff Quintet. I turned to adapting "classical" pieces and original compositions for vintage, four string electric bass.

    My approach is very "double bass" as opposed to a more current school that has little bass tone or function, and would simply add two more strings to play Bach's 6th suite "easier".

    I know that there are many players between Cleveland, Toronto, and Rochester. Make a long weekend out of it! :hyper:
    WHAT: Friends of Music Friday Recitals
    WHEN: Friday, Oct. 30st 2008 at 12:30-1:00pm
    WHERE: St. Paul Cathedral at Church and Pearl Streets
    COST: Free
    WHO: Paul B. Schmid, Electric Bass
    CONTACT: Paul Schmid at schmidpaul@hotmail.com, 877-3406

    Paul Schmid is a former member of the Buffalo Philharmonic bass section, a graduate of SUNY Fredonia and Buffalo, and former Classical Music Contributing Reviewer for the Buffalo News. He is the winner of the 1974 Northeastern Collegiate Jazz Competition and the Artvoice “Artist of the Week” in June 2005. His work can be found at:

    He is playing a 1969 Precision bass with Markley flatwound strings and a GBX amplifier with two 15 in. speakers.


    This recital is dedicated to the Baird family, whose contributions to the Musical life of Buffalo are incalculable

    Alphadrone …the constant pounding of the note “A” lurks under this original composition.

    Runaway… a young person who is living in a bad environment escapes, only to be captured and returned to more suffering.

    Skip to My Lou…Arrangement of a traditional American folk tune.

    Alla Turk…Borrowed from Mozart Keyboard A Major Sonata K.331.

    Gilligan’s Travels…Theme and variations of an old time TV show theme song.

    Howl Lou Ya …

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