solo music that new bass players should play

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  1. What solo music is out there that a beginner like me could play? I want to be play music that is really for bass. I hear alot of dragonnetti... but i donno if that music can be played by a beginner like me....?
    Do you have music to recommend that a classical lover would like to play?

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    The pieces i started on as a beginner were the capuzzi concerto, vivaldi's cello sonata (the easy one), and eccles sonata. Those pieces will teach you a lot and i doubt that theyre out of your reach technically. Thats a lot of music there so i suggest you get started :)
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    Look for a copy of Music Minus One's solos for string bass beginner/Intermediate level. It's an old publication but still available.

    It is nice in that it is not overwhelming to play and it also includes a great recording of all the pieces by David Walter. Also included on the CD is the piano-only accompaniment tracks, so you have your own pianist as long as you have a CD player. Using those tracks is very helpful IMO.

    Nicer pieces from that publication include The Elephant ( a bass player must know) A very nice Gavotte from Bach and Vivaldi's Sonata No. 4 in Bb.

    There are other nice pieces as well. It'll be plenty for you to work on for a while.

    If you are simply looking for more musical excepts to enhance technique, you should also pick up a set of George Vances Progressive Repertoire books. There are some really nice excepts and shorter pieces in those books with each focusing on developing particular fingerings and fingering sequences.

    I use mine all the time. As long as you are ordering from SLAVA, you might also get the Vade Mecum, which is a very good collection of various scales and arpeggios.