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  1. hey I need some ideas or suggestions as to how I can do work on soloing/"going off" in a metal/hardcore band....any suggested listening or techniques that i could learn? i use a pick most of the time, but i am capable of using fingers and i do know some theory. I know the modes, keys, chromatics....stuff like that, but I dunno, i guess I just need to see someone else do it so i can get some ideas....or I have tried listening to jazz and bass solo artist stuff, but I find it incredibly boring....sure I see the talent, but it's still boring as crap to me. I've checked out Cliff Burton already....because he's in relatively the same style I am(mines more new school screamy stuff)...but the keys, speed, and progressions are maybe someone like him. alright thanks a million.

    Christopher Murray
  2. Xavier Revilla

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    Jun 26, 2001
    try to listen to some steve di giorgio albums:
    Death(sound of perseverance)
    Control Denied(the fragile art of existence)
  3. sunnking

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    Jul 13, 2001
    listen to intrumets other than guitar or bass. horns are really good. sax and trumpet!
  4. Use the force, dude.. use the force...
  5. no not really, i have played the saxophone for 7 years and i've played a lot of it on bass and it's not that heavy. you want it heavy? welcome to my world!.. j/k, (disturbed) :)
    anyway, i just listen to black sabbath, and and go around the scale... good luck!