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some advice on power supply please ...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by KIRKSFANGS, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Greetings --- I am currently running a Crown CE1000 power amp with an Alembic F2-B preamp into a Brickhouse cabinet with 1x12" , 1x15" , and 2 bullets. The cab is 4 ohms , and I run the amp bridged in mono . My problem is that I play alot of smaller clubs where the electrical supply is somewhat lacking . The amp will sound perfect when I set it up , but once the other band members and the PA are powered up , my rig starts clipping out . I'm pretty sure that the clipping is due to the rig not getting all the juice it needs , and I'm trying to get around this . Would adding a compressor help ? The clipping becomes much worse if I'm slapping or "digging in " with my finger funk . Or is there a device that will store up power andkeep the amp properly fed ? Would appreciate some input .... Thanks a bunch !
  2. you should add a compressor (really, a limiter) to yer rig, something like an ART tube levelar would be ideal. you keep that amp from being driven into clipping, and it wont clip! ( mind you it wont be as loud, either)

    you COULD buy an industrial strength UPS unit, - and if it has like 6 car batteries (and weighs about as much as yer rig) then the batteries would act like capacitors and supply more 'peak power' when needed.

    you would have to check with Crown on the power amps exact current/voltage requirements in order to spec the right UPS

    really, if the problem is what you are describing, you arent actually "losing current" so much as getting "sagging" voltage (brown-outs) - but the net result is the same

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