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Some bass covers.

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by soadek, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Whoa, my first post here. ^^

    So... I'm playing for about 2 years now and I started to upload some covers on YouTube.
    Mainly Tool but You'll also find something different.


    Please let me know if it sucks or not. I sure will be uploading new stuff over the time. So if You've got any ideas - throw them at me. ;)

    Sorry if I spelled something wrong, I'm from a non-english speaking country. ^^'
  2. i only watched your cover of hysteria. pretty much nailed it, tone and all. well done.
  3. i've watched a few now.
    despite playing through a behringer amp the tone is okay.
    your right hand is pretty speedy but you need to work on keeping everything precise.
    it certainly didn't suck and was better than the vast majority of **** on youtube in terms of bass :)

  4. Muse is great so I had to play Hysteria. It has some pretty cool bassline. Glad You liked it. : D

    Besides Behringer, I'm using ZOOM B2's equalizer to get the tone that I just find... good.
    Soon I'm planing to buy a new AMP, but I have no idea which one to pick.
    And yeah... sometimes I get dizzy with left-right hand coordination. Thats my main problem I think.
    Anyways thanks man.
    I need to train more : )

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