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some basses I tried yesterday (mostly fenders)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by black.rose1402, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. black.rose1402


    Jan 10, 2007
    Hi bass brothers.

    Yesterday, I went to try some basses in paris (with having on my mind an old jazz bass).

    Here are the basses I tried.

    An all original 1964 jazz bass lake placid blue with matching headstock

    a 1966 pbass all original too

    A fender 50th anniversary jazz bass

    a fender jazz bass victor bailey

    a squier jazz bass classic vibe 60.

    Let's begin with the 1964 jazz bass

    First it's a beauty, all original and only a few scrathes on the back (belt scratches).
    the instrument was mounted with flats, so as I'm used to rounds on jazz basses, it's was strange to me.
    The feel of the instrument is really great, the neck to die for, yes a lot of mojo.
    but I found the good, but not great, I was disapointed with the tone in fact and in my opinion , it's just a collector's piece considering its condition.

    the 1966 pbass:

    now we are talking about a great instrument.
    I know pbasses are almost the same now , but this one had mojo too, the tone was great and the neck was a pleasure to play, I almost trought to myself that it would be great to use this neck on a jazz bass but I came back to my senses lol

    it was set up with rounds but really it was THE TONE.
    I really don't know why, when I play my foderas, sometimes I just let my fingers fly on the neck, but with this pbass, all I wanted to play was GROOVE, GROOVE and nothing else.

    I consider buying this pbass in the future if it's still available.

    the 50th anniversary jazz bass

    Really a great looking instrument.
    plugged in, it's just a american jazz bass, nothing great execpt the look, I didn't like the neck though, but yeah it looks cool, but I really got the impression that this instrument is made for display.

    the Victor bailey jazz bass

    A great bass, the tone was warm, the neck reminded me the neck of the 1964 jazz bass I tried , the notes were clear, the preamp, it took me a while not to make mistake (using the treble instead of the bass lol).

    A really confortable bass to play, funky at times, I don't think it does the Jaco sound so well (with the amp flat), but it does it with it's own personnality.
    good bass for grooving and displaying some chops, the neck is great imo.
    when I put a lot of treble, there was a kind of buzz but adding bass the buzz disappeared.

    good bass.

    the squier 60 classic vibe

    A great bass , especially for the money.
    the neck was imo almost as good as a 62 reissue jazz bass.
    really confortable, the tone, really classic fender, good slap tone, good jaco tone, the finish was really well made, I think it's a solid bass, a bass that don't needs upgrades in its own right, but even if yo want to upgrade it, you know it's going to get better and you are not going to be worry because the bass is cheap.
    I got to tell that the instrument was well set up too (better set up than the 50th anniversary jazz bass!!!)

    My final conclusion.

    yesterday, If I had to take 2 basses at home , it would have been the pbass 1966 and the squier.

    Why because the tone was here, the playability was here.

    One thing I know is that I play fodera basses (I love them), but I'm also a fender guy (I own several , especially a good 77 jazz), but I think my next move is to buy the squier, good solid bass to travel and really the sound is here.

    The pbass is expensive but it's just to have a piece of history at home.

    Thumbs up for the squier

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