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Some cab advice please

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Boomer, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    I'm starting to do some cabinet shopping and could use a little advice.

    I play classic rock and blues.

    I'm a geezer who played bass 30 years ago and decided to take it up again after finally admitting I'll never be more than a barely adequate guitarist.

    I have a wonderful Melancon MB-4 with an SD MM type bridge pickup and a P-Bass type in the neck along with a Copley 5-string.

    I haven't decided on the head yet but it's pretty much between a Thunderfunk TBF-550, GK 701RBII, GK 1001RBII, Ampeg SVT3 Pro or Ashdown ABM 500 Evo. I don't pop or slap and mostly play finger style. I think the TF and Ashdown are leading in this category, but that's not really the topic of this post!

    I'm a fan of a 1x15/2x10 rig. I've narrowed the field to a Dr. Bass BL115/BL210 or the Ashdown ABM 115-300/ABM-210H. To throw a wrench into the works, I could get an Epifani T-115 and get the 2x10 later. The T-115 alone would be about the same price as the other combinations together.

    I don't think I can go with much else as I'm limited in space in the car and I don't think any larger form factor will fit ... and even this will be tight.

    So, I'm willing to listen to reasonable suggestions and I await your sage advice.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. chaosMK


    May 26, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
    Hi-fi into an old tube amp
    Sounds like youve narrowed it down pretty well. Id go with the Epi 1x15 and upgrade later. The 1x15 by itself will probably meet your needs for a while.
  3. spooner2112


    May 24, 2004
    Arlington, Va
    If you're really only a "barely adequate" guitarist, that might mean you'll be an even worse bassist. ;) :bag:

    That being said, I'm also a geezer who plays in a blues/classic rock band, and like you, I like the sound of a 2x10 + 1x15 rig. And I play through a Ampeg SVT-3Pro head.

    However, I have limited car space available. So I recently purchased a Schroeder 21012. It has 2 10s, 1 12, and a tweeter. It's nevertheless fairly small, and it sounds to me like a high end 210 + 115 rig. I highly recommend it.

    Schroeder Cabs
  4. Folmeister

    Folmeister Knowledge is Good - Emile Faber Supporting Member

    May 7, 2003
    Tomball, Texas
    Bergantino NV425. The only cab you will ever need.
  5. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    I'm sure it's a wonderful cabinet but unless I put a tow bar on the cab and a trailer hitch on my car it's probably not the right cabinet for me.
  6. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    TFB550 and Schroeder 1210 or 1212 will make you a *very* happy man.
  7. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    On the head, you might want to PM NJL as he owns a
    GK1001 and ahs opinions about it. Rik's music has them new for just over 600.

    Geezerville here too. Not much slap in my repertoire either,
    but I found when I test drove the GK1001 I found it rather
    transparent and sterile. I played a PV Cirrus and an old PJ Ibanez to get two sources, modern and vintage/warm PJ.

    I used a 4x10 for the test at Daddy's, I think it was Ampeg,
    but I forget now.

    I really ended up liking the Eden amp tone the best, and would throw a used WT-550 (or new) at you for your consideration. I picked it a used WT-300 and just love it to death.
  8. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    I almost hate to ask, but is there any love for the Traynor/Yorkville XS800H head?

    It seems to be in the same price ballpark as the 1001RBII ($600) and several people have mentioned/suggested it to me.

    The WT-550 is on my list to try.
  9. Lync

    Lync Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    I would go with the Ashdown setup you mentioned.
  10. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    Would you mind expanding on your suggestion so I have some idea why you prefer the Ashdown over the others?

  11. I don't have any experience with the others you mentioned, but I've got an xs800H and am quite happy with it. I run it with a Yorkville 115 and a homemade(custom?) 4x10 with Eminence drivers.