Some great youtube vids all about setup!

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    Oct 13, 2009
    Good videos but I generally like a bit lower action then he uses.
  3. i wached these earlier. now i just need to buy a ****load of tools to actually do the things.
  4. i love how easy he makes all this look. 40+ years will do that i guess.

    I have about 8 years and I still fumble around and swear like an idiot. I think these videos will help me a lot.

    Thank you for posting these!
  5. I found a decent straightedge at Lowe's for ~3 bucks, and a great feeler guage set at the auto parts store for ~3 bucks!

    Also a simple #2 pencil (well sharpened) is great for lubing up your nut slots/saddle grooves!
  6. What a veteran! I love how careful he is with the instrument in handling it back and forth. When I used to let the local long and mcquade do my setups, the guy would rip the bass out of the bag, drop it down on the wood table and then mess with it like he was fixing an old tractor.

    This type of precision and care is refreshing to see.
  7. I had read these steps to setting up the bass on multiple websites years ago, but it's never been explained as simply as this.
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    great videos. thanks for posting.

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