Some Help Choosing an Amp

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  1. I have been looking through adds at but know very little about amps. here are some adds i picked out please tell me your oppinions.

    Laney DP 100 combo- £200

    Carvin- 150w + compressor, noice gate etc.-£280

    Carlbro Stingray- 150w, 7 band EQ, compressor inc. DI- £189

    Carlsbro head black widdow cab- £180

    Fender BXR 300c- £280

    300w amp, custom 1/15 cab- £150

    Laney BC250- EQ, horn speakers compressor passive active inputs other features- £220

    Peavey TKO 1155- £230

    Carlsbro Stingray-£150

    Carlbro 90BG- 15 speakers, EQ , line outs.. £185

    Peavey 300w black widdow cab bit tatty- £120

    Peavey 400w mega bass- £200

    Peavey combo TKO 75- £100

    Peavey XR500G sch, mixer, 300 series- £125

    Trace Elliot AH130sm- 7EQ- 220

    Please bear in mind i am not really planning to spend much over 200 unless it's a really killer deal. I plan to use the amp for practice and also playing in a punk band. Any explanition of equalisers compressors, line outs, and pre amps is welcome.
    Ads are written pretty much as they appear.
  2. Weclome to Talkbass, Destructo.....prepare to get an appetite for spending money on gear. ;)

    Being in the US, I can't assess all of those choices with much credibility.

    But I can help you with the explanations. Check out the "Gear" link at . On the Gear page you will see a Glossary (be sure to look at "balanced line" for the "line out" and "xlr" descriptions) and also look for the "Bass Amp Basics" article on the Gear page. They'll help you what all the doodads are on an amp.

    From there, you may still have questions, but some of those folks here can help you once you know what the basics are.