Some Help on Pre-EB StingRays....

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mike Burduck, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. Mike Burduck

    Mike Burduck

    May 21, 2002

    I've been assembling a database on pre-EB StingRays for over a year now, and I was wondering if some of you guys could help me out.

    I'm keeping a list of serial numbers and neck and body dates for pre-EB StingRays (I'm particularly interested in basses made between '76 and '79). I've seen some trends developing already, but, needless to say, I need to have as many serial numbers/neck-body dates as I can get.

    If any of you guys can e-mail me the serial number and the neck and body dates of your pre-EB StingRay I'd really appreciate it. Eventually, I will publish my results in a manner that will help out all folks interested in collecting old StingRays.

    Hope to hear from you owners of pre-EB StingRays!

    Many thanks,


    PS Yes, you Sabre owners should feel free to send me your serial numbers/neck-body dates, too! Thanks!