some mp3s of my band... sans vocalist

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by mrWr0ng, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. the vocalist wasn't here today and since he just joined the band we used the oppurtunity to record just us 3 so he could have a CD to practice to and come up with lyrics for the songs during the week when we can't practice.

    3 so far:
    funk and hardcore mixed into one. it's a great party song.
    a pretty good tune, not really pop or ska or anything, dark and upbeat at the same time. it's just an interesting melodic/hardcore song.
    one of the latest of our progressive metal songs. very tool inspired. it's really tight with a lot of hardcore.

    i f*cked up on the end of analogy a lot cos i'm still learning slap so my timing's off. usually i'm a lot more "on" it.
    the bass sound also sucks, i had the mids way pumped. but when i get the electronics fixed, i will be playing with the mids dumped and bass and high pumped. much better sound, especially live.

    all songs (c)bitter disposition and all that jazz. we worked hard on these songs, so pass around the mp3s all ya like but don't steal the riffs :)
  2. Really cool man. I'll be looking forward to some vocal tracks layed down. Hmm, makes me really itchy to get our stuff down fully.