Some new stuff from Weesp

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  1. mi_weesp


    Jan 17, 2012
    Belarus, Minsk
    Some early stage rehearsal of a new track by Weesp.

    New song from upcoming album "The Void"
    Filmed with Google Nexus 4, Audio recorded with Zoom Q2HD

    Weesp use following equipment:
    Guitar: 7string Carvin custom shop DC747 (KOA, Flamed KOA Top, 5 piece koa\maple\koa\maple\koa neck through, ebony fb, diMarzio PU's, drop G#-C# tuning) - Peavey 5150 - Marshall 1960 4x12; Boss GT-10 for effects.

    Bass: 5 string custom shop fanned fretted bass by Stas Pokotylo (alder body, walnut top, maple\wenge 5pc set neck, Villex PU's, 34-36,5 scale, drop G#-C# tuning) - MESA Pulse 500 - Marshall 810 cab; preamp and effects - SWR mini'mo.

    What do you think?