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some opinions would be helpful

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by funkopotimus, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. now, i know that its a personal thing but i want new strings, and i personally dont have enough cash to try out a wack of different types, so i would really like ideas or favourites here, in a similar situation.

    OK! i have a five string fender std. mexican jazz. Got it a couple months ago, strings have black spots and worn spots, still the same ones that were on it when i bought it. Dont really like these strings, and i find the B gives some buzz(i dont like that). I recently played a bass my friend has it was a four string Washburn(thats all i know) and i find the strings were "rubbery" kinda, they were really nice and easy to bend, and a real nice feel. not sure how well they hold up or anything though, but they were cool for bending.

    anyways, i play a lot of different styles(i actually have my bass on while people are watching t.v. and play along with music videos and ads all the time) anyways, i play a lot of Jazz, rock, metal, funk, and church stuff(dont know what else to kall it, boring maybe??that can range from country to rock)

    so please help me anyway you can i want a string thats not really tight feeling, and has a nice warm sound, i hate the really metallic sound some strings have.(should i use rounds??)

    AHHHH!!! i'm bringing up more questions every second, stop, stop stop!!!!!

    steve(i need help)
  2. were his strings rubbery or just i lighter gauge?
    do you know what brand of strings he uses?
    and maybe what gauge.

    diferent strings feel diferent, i use ken smith bass burners just because they just feel smoother to me.
    i have a USA Jazz and one of the first things i did was pull the strings off. if the metallic sound bugs you nickel strings might be a good change, most sound as bright as steel but with out as much bite.
    you should try to find out what strings are on the washburn, maybe bring your bass over to the washburn and see if there is a noticeable diference in size.

  3. I know he still has the factory strings on his bass, so if you know what they use? i'll try the other stuff you told me to, thanks.

    i know nothing about the gauges either, can you give me any info there?(i know its thickness and stuff, but i dont know anything about the numbers or how thick the usual is or anything like that, i dont wanna accidently buy chicken wire for it)


  4. sam speed

    sam speed

    Dec 15, 2000
    A few months ago, i bought a set of Warwick 'Red' stings. they have kept up beautifully, especially when you clean them with some metho.
    i only have a four string, so i don't know what the B string will sound like, but i have heard that they are really good.
    they're not very expensive either.
    they are a really nice string to slap, because it doesn't give a dead sound, but it isn't a cheap tinny ring either.

  5. Thanks a lot man, thats a big help, and welcome to talkbass man.
  6. hey funkopotimus try going her to find out what kind of bass your friend has

    after that try sending a email to

    ask them what kind of strings they ship on the bass
    ask gauge and and info you can, that should help
  7. funkopotimus,

    The warm sound you are looking for usually come from flat wound strings. LaBella makes a good set. I myself am using (on both my Carvin basses) LaBella nylon/tape wounds. They give you the flatwound sound with a little more brightness and there is very little fret sound with them. These strings are excellent for studio work.

    Strings that are too flexible will vibrate into the fretboard and you will give you all that unwanted noise. I personaly want the strings to snap back as soon as possible for the next note.
  8. thanks again for all the info i'll try all this stuff out
  9. JWC

    JWC Banned

    Oct 4, 2000
    Ernie Ball
    greatest ever

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