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    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    While I play bass, I also run a small studio. One of the other forums that I frequent is all about recording gear, but someone asked a question about what type of bass to purchase.

    Check out post #8

    "Just so we're clear... a bass has 4 strings and says "Fender" on the headstock.

    If you're into options... Precision or Jazz [they're both great]... try flatwound strings, they're excellent for all genres."

    Well, I guess me and a whole bunch of other bassists have been wrong all this time. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. So that means I have to sell all my "basses" that isn't Fender...???
    How about guitars - any rules there?
    How about drums, amps, cabs, harmonicas, cars, girlfriends, houses, solar systems, paper or plastic..??? How about that - paper or plastic?? I gotta know!!
    Now that I know about all the missing rules for so many things I feel so insecure!!!! :bawl:

    Or how about.... how about... opinions????
    Oh, it's only their opinions that matter...
    Well that's nice - means we don't have to form opinions of our own. That's nice.

    In waiting for them to supply the full set of rules I think I'll go ahead with my non-descript musicianship.
    I'm even considering using my non-Fender "basses"...

    Is it safe?
  3. I am surprised no one has shot him down yet. Was expecting #9 to be instant "what the hell are you talking about" but apparently not.
  4. Hm where was that marker pen of mine, I have to write "fender" on my spector somewhere...