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some questions about decal paper, refinishing a neck, and wooden pickguards..

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by bass349, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!

    i've just started work refinishing my SX neck. I bought the bass with the intention to practise doing mods, and hopefully to make something fairly playable in the process..

    anyway... i've sanded back most of the finish off the headstock and the back of the neck. i'm going to finish it in tung oil, because i didn't really like the feel of all that laquer - and i had some tung oil left over from when i did a defret a few years ago.

    anyway, my main question concerns putting a logo on the headstock. i've been reading some previous posts concerning this, and it seems that using decal paper is the way to go..

    first of all, i was finding this stuff hard to find locally.. then i came across this on eBay Australia..


    is this the stuff to use?

    also, when i finally get some of the paper, will i be able to apply it onto a tung oiled headstock? i read on one of the previous posts that a thin layer of laquer is the go?

    and while i'm in an inquisitive mood, i'm also looking at making my own wood pickguard and was looking at using this stuff.. (again, i couldn't find this locally..)


    is it possible to put a stain onto veneer, or does it have a sealer or something on it?

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    thanks heaps,
  2. you need a very smooth surface for the decal to blend in. I would not suggest using it over an oil finish (although, you should test on scrap of course).
  3. ahhhh... so what would you suggest? should i just laquer the front of the headstock? would that look strange?

    do i have any other options if i want to use the tung oil finish and still have a decal?