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  1. spikez


    Jun 26, 2005
    Hi there!
    I would like to ask you guys(and girls) for some advice.
    I have got a lovelly yamaha rbx 374 and wanted to get some combo or a head/cab, but as I´m a little to broke at the moment I had an ideia wich raised some questions. So my questions are:
    -Can I get a cheap, reasonable pre amp (I was thinking about a Presonus Tube Pre) plus a cheap eq (maybe a Behringer FBQ-3102) and connect them to my Norton NX300 power amp wich is connected to a pair of HK Classic Pro speakers?
    -The NX300 has two channels(left and right), but I would only use one, right?
    -If I only use one channel from the NX300 I can only use one Speaker, or can I connect them both without problems(the speakers have some kind of input and output and xlr a input and a xlr output, so I was thinking about connecting the RBX to the Presonus, the Presonus to the Behringer, the Behringer to the NX300(just to one channel), the NX300 to a Speaker, and one Speaker to the other)?

    Thanks in advance and I´m sorry if I don´t make any sense(I´m a very nooby person in this business).
  2. Most pre amps will have an EQ on them anyway, so its not really nessicary for a second one

    look second hand, tons of great deals to be had :)