Some Questions....

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by chips, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Gday guys,

    Im currently in the final stages of finishing my board, but i still need some help.

    This is what i have so far....
    EHX Bassballs (russian)
    EHX Big Muff (russian)
    EHX Small Clone
    Ibanez Weeping Demon
    Boss BF-2
    Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde

    1) With my BF-2, theres some noise, and i can hear the unit flanging the hiss when engaged. So, i'm going to be purchasing an NS-2.... Where in my chain would i place this? Also, will it help cut out any noise when using a distortion/fuzz when you stop playing? And will this make my BF-2 stop flanging the hiss????

    2) I'm going to be purchasing a looper. At the moment, i was thinking one or 2 loops are all i need. First loop is going to be the Big Muff and Bassballs, a la BIGBALLS... Now for the second loop, i was thinking of running the BF-2 and NS-2 in it for my flanging sounds, but will the NS-2 be effective if used before the unit itself. As im pretty sure its the BF-2 making the hiss.

    3) With my "bigballs" setup, i want to get a blend pot placed for that loop. How are the blend functions on loopers? Ive heard that Loooper's blenders werent that great because they were passive or something?

    4) I need a new fuzz, it MUST have a blend function (i think). Im looking for a nice smooth fuzz, so thats where the blend will help out. My main choice at the moment is the PE Depth Charge, but i've been asking around, and i cant find anywhere that can get them in around here. And none on ebay. Does any one know their distributor, or have one they would sell to me?:D
    Also on this topic, the T-Rex Bass Juice... Distortion or Fuzz??? and how much are they?

    5)Power Supplies... How effective is the Godlyke powerall? More specifically how is it if im powering 8-10 pedals? Is there anything else, thats not insanely priced that can power 8-10 pedals? Keeping in mind im in australia too

    Sorry bout the long post, i just wanna get this right the first time :)

  2. Thanks alot.

    Another fuzz i have found is the Fender Blender.... Anyone ever try this on a bass???