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Some Recordings from my Jazz Combo

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by xolin, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Blue Bossa - Myself on bass (switched to palm muting half way through solos)

    Footprints - Myself on bass, after the Pianist left we thought it'd be a good jam, since I do the harmony with tapping...kept it really really simple this time for the recording..usually i go tap wild :p ...no solo because we were dazed and it was really late and I forgot ;) . Also the first time we played this song i used a sixer, so i have to slide for that Minor 3rd now on the 5er :/

    So What (a lot of horns didnt want to play this, so they were a bit off, and there were some weird recording blips...since we hadnt played it in a while, I was off too...the pianist said we should try so..) - Myself on bass (palm mute till part way through the last chorus...if it hadnt broken down the drummer and i had intended to go off into a funky vamp on the main theme that we could optionally cut out)<---edit: ok its up now, my buddy hooked me up with this and watermelon man (more recordings linked below)


    We have a small anyone-can-join combo here at the University. We gig and stuff but its all just fun...every friday night we practice. All amateur stuff, but its great relaxin from schoolwork.
    I play bass (duh) and there is another bassist this term from Singapore (where he's in a more serious band).

    I taught myself chord theory a bit (just knowing the scales and then learning what the chords mean in relation) and then just dove in to playing with em.

    Anyway, we did a little blow session because a few people wont be back next term, so we get em on tape. We recorded in our small cramped practice room (with poorly tuned piano) with a couple mics and some really simple recording gear to put em on tape.

    My bass wasnt eq'd properly, I dont think (well i used the jazz 5er after the other bassist used my weak-pickup sixer, so the sixer was eq'd originally) so dont blame the guy who helped us with sound.

    These are pretty much unfixed/eq'd or anything right now.

    Remember, I'm new to jazz so tell me what you think...I'm no softy so if you really think something blows tell me (I wont tell the others in my band about anything unconstructive, so dont worry bout that). Mostly looking for info on technique, getting with the rhythm (drummer placed at other side of room! :? ) tone, etc.

    Other tunes:

    Anthropology - Myself on bass (didnt set up my tone first so it is low...which is good i guess :/ the amp/monitor sounded a lot louder than the direct i was using i guess)

    Watermelon Man (Sorry, Herbie, Sorry.) (oh and we did at the very end a last second Watermelon Man which Id never played and had no sheet so had to try by ear because we had to leave like right away...which is unfortunate cuz that song coulda been good...I got lost :?...did a simple little fingerstyle thingy at the end I liked though :)...if you like this song...don't listen)

    Odessa Bulgar Jazzy - Other bassist Heh, we did a Purim party for a gig once and thought this was cool

    Canteloupe Island - Other bassist

    We also did Georgia on My Mind, Mr PC and East of the Sun..I'll post those when I get space if you want...anyone know where I can load more MP3s?

    Ok, peace, enjoy!

    The other recordings:

    East of the Sun - Other Bassist
    Georgia On My Mind
  2. Superdave


    Apr 20, 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    So far I've only listened to Blue Bossa, sounds good, but I'd get your pianist to start working with a metronome more...he kind of throws off the vibe of the song in parts.
  3. Yeah, I'll tell him...but he's not a jazz pianist...he's classically trained

    wait...doestn that mean he shoudl have better time?...just not used to the style I suppose...but I'm one to talk...you should see my blunders :/...

    It was the end of the term-paper due week and right before beginning of exams...so we were all exhausted.

    The band is great though...we're all buds and have a good time...we went out for drinks, to concerts, dinner, etc...great guys!
  4. I feel sorry for the guy...that piano's tone sounds like rag-time...

    actually anthropology sounds kinda dixie-land :eyebrow:
  5. keep it comin'
  6. Horn players usually hate pulling anthropology out when you're just reading through tunes haha I noticed they took a very conservative tempo. The tunes sound good to me, it's obvious some of the players aren't really "jazz cats" but as long as everyone's having fun it's all good.
  7. That's how we see it. The trombonist started the group at the beginning of my first year (last school year). It sounded great and I was always curious about jazz. We fool around and jam on whatever we want...we've done a lot of fast stuff though...its sloppy though so we dont record it :)...

    Last year's recording shows some of the worse stuff as we (I) didnt really know much.

    To be completely honest the first time i ever tried making real walking lines and practicing was a week or so before this recording...I usually just dicked around and tried to see what works as I went..but i always got lost (messin up the band).
    Jazz is all about relaxin for me...that's why I keep it on the Abstract...

    "...play like bobby bird and youre comin into the house of the jazz, of the funk, of the rhythm..."

    Woah man, I just turned on the Low Down Theory and got this crazy feeling...man I feel buzzed...craA.A.A.aazy....

    (Studyin' with The Quest's Low End on in the background is the only way i get through these nights)...

    "...thanks, my man, Ron Carter on the bass...yes Ron Carter is on the bass *bummbummbumbumbum*"

    Sorry...i digress...the band is trying to organize and take it more serious now so let us have it with any tips/suggestions what to work on, etc.

  8. Ok since nobody replies...
    Im trying to figure out if I'm digging that tone in the last 20 seconds of Watermelon man (despite the poor performance). It sounds kinda bassoonish...is that farting such a bad thing..I dunno...i liked it at first...

    Also, the old-school tone i palm muted for So What...I had not used palm muting for jazz before so I was just trying it out...usually I can get the marcus real thump/reggae tone out of that..but i was going for the old Chambers mid-mud tone (that song's bass motion is what made me want to learn jazz bass). Don't know if that worked too well. The switch to fingerstyle with those eq settings was weak at the end of the last chorus...shoulda reconsidered that.

    In blue bossa, the sound was like that in Watermelon man..not enough on the low end i think, too much fart (too much output?...maybe poor eq...or do i need compression or something?), too. The switch to palm mute during the trumpet solo wasnt a great idea, either though, since my effect on the tune sunk into the sand.

    In footprints, I've done better, for sure. But trying to keep that thing steady while doing that stupid slide on the G throughout the song is tough on a one-take without piano accompaniement, especially since I have little experience as a gigging or recording player and so dont stay too consistent. I would have served better had I changed it up a little during solos adding more swing or colour tones during parts of the solos.

    In anthropology, as I said, not eq'd, barely heard...first take for me cold, and not an impressive walk.

    in georgia...it would have helped if i had remembered the progression more thoroughly.

    Any other comments...please :d

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