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Some setup probs

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by S. Byrnes, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. i dont really know anything about setting up a bass, my bass didnt come with papers or a manual or anything because guitar center sucks like that, anyway when ever i slap on my bass the strings hit the pick up and it makes that terrible noise. Could somebody tell me what to do? Trussrod, bridge, how to adjust pickup height? Thanks BTW i have a fender jazz.
  2. i can't tell you which is the right way to fix your problem, but the basic things are pretty easy to adjust.

    to lower the pickups, tighten the 4 screws holding them in place (clockwise). they just go through the holes on the pickup and into the body wood.

    to raise the action, you can raise the saddles. do this by tightening the two allen-key screws on each saddle. after this is done you may have to adjust the intonation. to check if it's necessary, compare the pitch (with a tuner if needed, they can be pretty close, but still off) of a string fretted at the octave (12) to the open string or 12th harmonic. if it's off, you'll have to either lengthen or shorten the length of the string using the screw that goes through the bridge itself and the saddle. you can't really do any damage here unless you tighten or loosen something further than it should go, but you can see where those limits are, so don't worry about making mistakes.

    i don't know how new of a player you are, but if you know for sure (from feel) that your neck is too straight, you can loosen the truss rod (only a quarter-turn per day). it can help, but it's still a scary thing to play with unless you know for sure what you're doing.
  3. Well said, I reckon aim for the simplest things in life first. Try lowering you're pickups. If you find you have lowered them to the extreme... then try the saddles at the bridge.


  4. ahpook


    Jul 13, 2001
    good for you - learning to do your own set up is really worthwhile - you learn a useful skill and get to know your instrument better.


    as has been said, it sounds like your pickups are too high - screw in those screws as mentioned, but a word to the wise - use as close to the right size screwdriver as possible. the screws aren't always the worlds best quality and you can strip them fairly easily. maintain a firm pressure down as well as turning.

    sorry to harp on about that - i've sripped a few screws in my time :)

    there's a good general guide to setting up your jazz bass at fender's mr. gearhead site

    have fun !

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