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Some Status Graphite KingBass Help

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Boomer, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    I'm about this close to ordering a KingBass Standard 5-string.

    Since it seems virtually impossible to play one around here my only real concern is tone. I've always been a P or J bass player and I'm only concerned that I can come close to duplicating those tones when I need them.

    I'm not particularly interested in Rob's P and J type basses but more of a Swiss Army knife of bass.

    Also, I don't slap/pop ... just looking for a funky bass.

    I've also never played a neck-through bass, owning only bolt-ons and wondered if one of you could describe the tonal differences between the KingBass Standard and the Artist version.
  2. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    Here is my old Kingbass 6, a VERY modern sounding instrument and yeah its versitle, but modernly versitle. These are NOT for people IMHO who are looking for more traditional tones and ther may be many factors for that, one being the pickups are super hot and the electronics come in a few different configurations. Even in passive mode with almost no treble it's not close to a P or J in tone. These have their own distinct sound. Hope this helps.

  3. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    Thanks ... I was afraid of that but didn't want to believe it without confirmation.

    Anyone else?
  4. 20db pad

    20db pad

    Feb 11, 2003
    I been everywhere, man...
    None. At all.
    I think there's one or two Status basses for sale at Bass Central in Orlando. I'd suggest trying one out there - I agree that the Status bass tone is very modern, clean, and not much of a source for Fender-style sound.
  5. Horny Toad

    Horny Toad Guest

    Mar 4, 2005
    I own a KingBass Artist, a P and a J. The Status isn't "Fenderish" at all. Great bass, but a totally different animal.
  6. randyplaysbass


    Aug 31, 2004
    Downers Grove, Illinois
    US Distributor, Status Basses Endorsing Artist, Hipshot Music Product
    Hi there... I saw your post and am glad let you know that I will be representing Status Graphite here in the US. I am a long time Status Graphite artist and fan and have just returned from a trip to England where Rob and I ironed out the details of the US representation.
    I will have a stock of Status basses shortly so that folks in America can have a go without having to ship it across the pond! That gets expensive just to try a bass.
    Ironically, one of the first basses Rob is sending over is a 5 string Kingbass MKII. If you can wait a bit to try it, you may want to.
    As for the tone, it is much different as others that have replied have stated... if you are looking for a more "vintage" tone like you are used to, but still want all the modern features, the TBass 4 or 5 nails it on the head. I just got back from Rob's with the first -ever 5 string TBass with a carbon fibre neck! It is awesome.....

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. I love the modern graphite sound but its pretty much as opposite from the Fender/Pbass sound.
  8. Boomer


    Sep 17, 2003
    Hollywood, FL
    Where are you located, Randy?

  9. Zooberwerx

    Zooberwerx Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Virginia Beach, VA
    +1000. Love 'em but the tone just doesn't fit our material. The mids are super-complex IMO and the pups are really hot. I sold mine and bought a used Zon Vinny 5 with a more conventional Bart pup / pre harness. True, it doesn't provide the proverbial "vintage" tone but its a helluva lot closer than the Status. OTOH, I also had a Status Energy 5 which was killer. You can find them second-hand for $600-800 on occasion.

  10. jphilauren


    Nov 8, 2007
    I suggest you go to Statii.com which is a Status Forum. There are threads regarding exactly what you are asking about regarding P-Bass J-Bass sound. It can be done
  11. jphilauren


    Nov 8, 2007
    There is also a Kingbass bolt- on on ebay , know the seller who is a great and reputable guy. Might want to email him regarding sound
  12. ric stave

    ric stave

    May 6, 2006
    Buffalo, NY
    Damn, that's a beautiful bass!

    I've got a Status Stealth 6 string on order - s/b about 6-8 more weeks before it's 'born' - I also play a G&L L2500, and am happy with that for classic-modern tones, so I think I've got it all covered (at least, for the material I play, which is pit orchestra-disco-prog rock-metal). I've not ever really been into totally classic type sounds - some of which is so muddy you can hardly tell what note is coming through. A slightly modernized version, a sound that cuts through with clarity, is what I prefer.

    Plus, I've been a fan and user of headless instruments for many many years....
  13. You can hear the awesome fretless tone of my Status Stealth 2, 6-string fretless on these compositions:

    http://jayterrien.com/mp3/All The Dolls In The Same Place/03 Judging By The Size Of Carnie.mp3

    http://jayterrien.com/mp3/All The Dolls In The Same Place/05 Consequence.mp3


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