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  1. Hi u'll ! how ave u guy's been? jus chilling i guest:) I would like 2 know what kind of pickups 2 get if i want 2 change my pickups on my IBANEZ405 bass? I am looking 4 something that will add growl,slapthat stinging sound and 2 help d B string come alive. looking 4ward 2 hear from u guy's thanx:)
  2. EMG's w\BTS control
  3. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    I second that motion.
  4. Thanks much guy's i was thinking d samething ,but needed d confirmation.even playing reggae i cant get a round bass line. i wonder if it's a prob wiyh all them IBANEZ?thanx much:).
  5. Hey Jbassy, welcome to talkbass. If you want to get new pickups, listen to the other guys, but if you want to check out a bass that would be perfect
    for Reggae, try the Epiphone Eb-3. *DEEP,DEEP*
    round tones perfect for Reggae and Sca. Comes in
    4 or 5 strings and no batteries. It's made just like the Gibson EB-3s of years ago. With flatwounds on this thing, you'll bring the ceiling down.

    Just a suggestion,

    Mike J.