Some upright recordings!!

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  1. About a year ago made the switch from electric to almost exclusively playing upright. Some of my best friends wanted to get a rockabilly band going so I took the plunge and bought a cheap upright and started shedding like a mofo. We've been rehearsing for almost a year and played a couple gigs. I'm getting pretty comfortable playing this monster and having a CRAPLOAD of fun doing it.

    All tracks were recorded live in our guitar players living room, except vocals, so all the performances are complete takes from front to back. STRESSFUL!!!! Our drummer is an audio engineer out of MTSU and he did a really good job on the recordings. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    We recorded a couple Reverend Horton Heat tunes, a Stray Cats tune, and our take on a Screamin Jay Hawkins I put a spell on you. I really like Girl in Blue and at the end of Rock this Joint we cover the Ren and Stimpy theme song. Enjoy!!
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    Nice stuff!That cover of Rock this Joint is one of the best I've ever heard,and it's a song I've seen many bands do through the years.You should be happy with these tracks!!
  3. Thanks man!! It's actually a cover of a cover. It's Rev's version of Rock This Joint. But we do it a little more amped up and rock and roll then they do. And there's also the ren and stimpy song at the end. Im happy with the recordings. We got all the takes in about4 hours so it wasn't too much work. A little intimidating tho.