Somebody doesn't want me to have a new amp

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  1. Dave Vader

    Dave Vader

    May 18, 2009
    Devon Uk
    Okay, so I went to Exeter today, to buy myself a new bass amp, as my ashdown is fried and doesn't look to be worth fixing.
    First I went to the shop I checked out online, to look at a Laney RB9 as they are very cheap indeed, and i figured if I could try it and get a nice sound out of it, I'd have it.
    After waiting ages for the sales guy to stop helping the metallica riffing kid across the stack of amps, he tried to fire it up for me, and then discovers it's already fried and will not even power up. So after he tried to talk me into another ashdown, I left assuming that karma doesn't want me to have a laney.

    I wandered down the road to see if Mansons had something in my price range, and run into a guitar player I've been playing with a lot recently, he talks me into trying out a GK Backline 600m which I really like, despite the drive channel that I will never ever use. After fiddling about with it and having my own one-man prog jam in the bass room (and being very pleased that the hugely expensive P-bass I'm playing isn't half as nice as my own POS P-bass) I decide to go for a spontaneous purchase. Karma steps in again, and makes me look as stupid as it is humanly possible to look. I forget the PIN number to my credit card, doh! And even worse, i use up all 3 attempts, rendering my card useless. Not enough cash in the bank to use any of my other cards, so I have to walk off red-faced and ampless.

    Sit down and have a coffee with the wife outside, and promptly remember the damn number. No good to me now, bank can't help, so have to order a new card and wait.

    On the plus side, I have found Backlines online for a good £70 less than I was going to pay, so I may still get one, cos it was pretty nice.

    Anyone top this for stupid things to do when trying to buy new gear?
    Or anyone else just feel the world is against them getting new stuff? Do share...
    Oh, and if you have a GK Backline horror story, let me know before I pull the trigger on one.
  2. GK is the ticket my friend. Though for a few more bucks, I would personally recommend something from the artist line, like a 700rbII. If that is above your price range, then by all means the Backline is a good starting point, and plenty if you are not planning on gigging large rooms much.But beware, G.A.S is likely, and you will probably soon find yourself wanting to upgrade to the 700rb anyway. Better luck with the credit card .
  3. Dave Vader

    Dave Vader

    May 18, 2009
    Devon Uk
    Thanks xgator, there was a 700rb next to the backline, but it was twice the price, so I didn't even plug in to it, as I knew the GAS would follow.
    Luckily the credit card company haven't frozen my card so I can order one online, and am now doing so in another browser window.

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