Someone help me understand this (fender Jazz)

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  1. I went to GC today to look around, and hopefully take a look at the Deluxe Jazz 24 V


    But it wasn't there.

    So I checked out a couple others, namely an American Deluxe Jazz V


    Sale price was $1599.00
    The sound?
    I hated it.
    No matter what I did to the amp settings or bass controls, it sounded like a muffled "thonk, thunk, thonk"

    In fact, I picked up a couple other deluxe active Jazz basses and they all sounded the same. Swapped amps & speakers, sounded the same.
    Hated them all.

    Then I picked up a Squire Affinity Jazz V


    Cost is $199.00

    This thing felt and sounded amazing. I never knew a passive bass can sound so rich, so big, and so alive!

    Have I found the next 5-string I've been yearning for? One that I can get without selling what I have? One that I won't regret buying for so little?
  2. Papersen

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    Mar 22, 2002
    It can happen.

    Obviously the AM Dlx has better hardware and is better constructed than the Squier. You also gotta consider the setup and strings, that are usually crappy on most GC.

    Anyway, I`m personally not a big fan of current Deluxe preamps that came with Fenders. They`re a bit trebly and artificial and colour the tone a lot.

    Maybe you should try to play an American Std 5 since maybe the passive tone suits you better.