someone needs to snap this up!

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  1. allan grossman

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    Sep 8, 2001
    surreal city, usa
    I'm not selling it, I just saw it when I was listing my SR406 and Fury 6 -

    Check this out -

    • Peavey Cirrus 5 - bubinga, I think.
    • Gallien Krueger 400rb head
    • Hartke 410TP cabinet

    Opening bid was $1000 and the seller will pay the first $100 of shipping costs. No reserve!

    I'd have bid on it but I just bought a Cirrus 6 and a Jazz Bass Deluxe this week and I don't think I could buy this stuff and stay married :eek:

    Anyway, it looks like a hell of a deal. My SR406 and Fury 6 are also on there somewhere but won't show up in searches for another couple of hours - I just listed them.