Someones Trying to rip me off

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  1. so my friend kevin calls me how much he should sell his udes samick 25 watt amp for, he bought it for $170. then he mentions that geoff another buddy of our bought a supposed 80 watt amp for $170, however the front of the amp reads sm-25b on the front of the amp, doesnt that mean that its a 25 watt bass amp? because my amp says u30b and its a 30 watt bass amp. so i dont know. i just stick to my one bass and my one amp that i got a good deal on because i have breasts. can someone tell me if thsi is good and such? is geoff being ipped off and taken advantage of?
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    Find out what model amp it is and do a search on google. You should be able to find some info on it on the internet.