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    Jun 17, 2005
    I am looking for something I can plug my tablet, headphones and my bass into so I can learn songs. Can anyone suggest something? Please take it easy on my wallet
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    Fender Rumble
    take your pick
    40, 100, 200, or 500

    The 40 is the smallest with an Aux In & headphone jack.

    Fender Rumbleā„¢ 40 (V3), 120V, Black/Silver


    I would recommend looking on for a used Rumble 100.


    I forgot to add some food for thought, if you get a Rumble 200, it has a jack for an extension cabinet, meaning you could play pretty decent sized gigs with it if you just added Rumble 115 cabinet.

    Right there near the top in the middle is the extension cabinet jack.
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  3. I picked up an almost new looking Fender Frontman 15B at the Goodwill Auction for $17.
    It will do all of that stuff you want.
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  4. I used a Korg Pandora PX4D when I first started. I think you can find them used on the bay, inexpensively now. They have those capabilities (headphone output and Aux. input)and have a bunch of effects for both guitar and bass with metronome and drum trainer. You can hookup the output to headphones or any small amp. The neat thing that I liked about it was that it's about the size of a pack cigarettes, which makes it very portable. Works with 4.5v. wall wart or 4 AA batteries. The effects are not the best quality, but it works for practicing really well without bothering others.
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    It's far easier to get an interface like iRig and an app like Amplitube and play through your headphones. Works great!!
  6. Chicory Blue

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    Zoom B1on. It'll run you $50, function as a headphone amp, play whatever audio device you plug into it, and also work as a multieffects pedal, drum machine, and looper. I take mine everywhere.

  7. Yeah.